Heroine: 1/8 Heroine: 1/8
Heroine: 2/8 Heroine: 2/8
Heroine: 3/8 Heroine: 3/8
Heroine: 4/8 Heroine: 4/8
Heroine: 5/8 Heroine: 5/8
Heroine: 6/8 Heroine: 6/8
Heroine: 7/8 Heroine: 7/8
Heroine: 8/8 Heroine: 8/8

Ambo Creative ‘Heroine’

Photography & styling duo, Sarah Preston & Berny Regalado of AMBO creative present their debut series. “We had an idea for a survivalist heroine in an apocalyptic wasteland shoot. We stumbled upon this location, hidden behind some old warehouses & train tracks. So we grabbed a Great Depression era BB gun & our model, Paulina, to shoot off a couple rolls of film.”



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