Katya Frolova

‘Heroine (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

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23 photographs.
Photographer: Katya Frolova / Art director: Katya Bodrova / Stylist: Oxana Markina / Make-up Artist: Katya Bodrova / Model: Katya Bodrova / Hair: Anka Kashina
Heroine (NSFW): 1/23
Heroine (NSFW): 2/23
Heroine (NSFW): 3/23
Heroine (NSFW): 4/23
Heroine (NSFW): 5/23
Heroine (NSFW): 6/23
Heroine (NSFW): 7/23
Heroine (NSFW): 8/23
Heroine (NSFW): 9/23
Heroine (NSFW): 10/23
Heroine (NSFW): 11/23
Heroine (NSFW): 12/23
Heroine (NSFW): 13/23
Heroine (NSFW): 14/23
Heroine (NSFW): 15/23
Heroine (NSFW): 16/23
Heroine (NSFW): 17/23
Heroine (NSFW): 18/23
Heroine (NSFW): 19/23
Heroine (NSFW): 20/23
Heroine (NSFW): 21/23
Heroine (NSFW): 22/23
Heroine (NSFW): 23/23

Katya Frolova ‘Heroine (NSFW)’

Moscow always delivers incredible work & many of my favourite shoots have come out of there. This one by Katya Frolova is certainly no exception! Its a pleasure to introduce a new contributor up here with this beautiful series starring the art director & makeup artist, Katya Bodrova in her pregnant glory. I just can’t stop looking at this one!

“Me & the heroine have become real soulmates since our first mutual project. Katya is a talented makeup artist & producer with a sharp eye & sincere vision of the human beauty. We’ve been doing projects together since we got acquainted. Katya will give birth to a baby in a few days. Her pregnancy has become an exciting transformation for her. Katya was talking about everyday changes in her body & the joy of exploration of her new shapes & curves. Since we both share our love for diversity & unconditional beauty of the human body, we decided to capture this moment of her life. & because it’s temporary it’s even more captivating for us.”

Wardribe; Strogo Vintage & Castelbajac Vintage.



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