Selshamour: 1/28 Selshamour: 1/28
Selshamour: 2/28 Selshamour: 2/28
Selshamour: 3/28 Selshamour: 3/28
Selshamour: 4/28 Selshamour: 4/28
Selshamour: 5/28 Selshamour: 5/28
Selshamour: 6/28 Selshamour: 6/28
Selshamour: 7/28 Selshamour: 7/28
Selshamour: 8/28 Selshamour: 8/28
Selshamour: 9/28 Selshamour: 9/28
Selshamour: 10/28 Selshamour: 10/28
Selshamour: 11/28 Selshamour: 11/28
Selshamour: 12/28 Selshamour: 12/28
Selshamour: 13/28 Selshamour: 13/28
Selshamour: 14/28 Selshamour: 14/28
Selshamour: 15/28 Selshamour: 15/28
Selshamour: 16/28 Selshamour: 16/28
Selshamour: 17/28 Selshamour: 17/28
Selshamour: 18/28 Selshamour: 18/28
Selshamour: 19/28 Selshamour: 19/28
Selshamour: 20/28 Selshamour: 20/28
Selshamour: 21/28 Selshamour: 21/28
Selshamour: 22/28 Selshamour: 22/28
Selshamour: 23/28 Selshamour: 23/28
Selshamour: 24/28 Selshamour: 24/28
Selshamour: 25/28 Selshamour: 25/28
Selshamour: 26/28 Selshamour: 26/28
Selshamour: 27/28 Selshamour: 27/28
Selshamour: 28/28 Selshamour: 28/28

Mona Cordes ‘Selshamour’

David J Adams bring us a stunning editorial that portrays the theme of supernatural beings & Scandinavian myths featuring the incredible bold creations of Designer Mona Cordes.

“I took the mysterious nature, the hidden & secret elements of the underworld, into today’s world & gave them a modern aesthetic of my own.
Elements of nature: earth, fire, air & water play an important role in the supernatural realm. The different characters in sagas, fairy tales, poems & songs are inspiring for my work & I decided on 8 characters to portray in my final looks.

Supernatural beings often exhibit elusive traits. These imprecise descriptions of myths & fairy tales allow significant creative freedom for my free-associative approach & therefore for my collection. Nordic mythology is a rich source of inspiration for my collection and therefore my print visualisation. Characters: Troll, Kaja (wind elve), Mara (werewolf creature), Logi (giant firefighter), Huldra (water fairy), Kraken (sea monster) & Lojsalfar (light elve) I have covered the main nature elements – water, air & fire.

I am using myths & nature to guide me when finding my colour scheme, pattern and collection outcome. To illustrate these creatures’ magical powers I wrote a piece for the Troll Look dress print: “Undercover activists, trees erupt, sky sinks, sun burns, wings fly, oceans ride wild, species create, superpowers emerge.” All print designs are mine.

For my title – “Selshamur” is an old Icelandic story about seal hide. The term means the skin around a seal. I have added an ‘o’ to make it sound more tuneful & to slightly change the word into making it my own with a unique sound.

Seals can take off their skin and dance in the night naked. The meaning is similar to the Scottish word Selkie in Scottish mythology. If seen by humans they can lose their bond to the ocean & be taken away from their territory. There is a link to fashion as humans wear clothes to protect, enhance, decorate & hide our body. Another aspect is that I am secretly showing my love (SelshAMOUR) to the theme behind with having changed the world.



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