Ger Ger

‘High desert high’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Photographer: Ger Ger / Assistant photographer: Jonathan Marlow / Model: Wylie Hays / Model Management: Next Model Management / Stylist: Emily Daccarett / Accessories: Meagan Lombardi
High desert high: 1/16
High desert high: 2/16
High desert high: 3/16
High desert high: 4/16
High desert high: 5/16
High desert high: 6/16
High desert high: 7/16
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High desert high: 16/16

Ger Ger ‘High desert high’

Mixing textures & bright colours while swaying between girly innocence & sporty seductiveness, Emily Daccarett’s latest collection recently brought to life the sexy cool desert wanderer seeking adventure wherever she goes. Beautifully captured by photographer, Ger Ger & starring skateboarding model, Wylie Hays this is ‘High desert high’.

Here is what model, Wylie Hays had to say about the two days of production in the California High Desert…

“What happens when two different ecosystems come together to form massive space?

Joshua Tree happens and it is a freak of nature. The desert was created when two separate worlds collided. The Colorado Desert & the Mojave desert came together to form this land & it has gotten mixed reviews throughout history. Mormon pioneers from the 1800’s loved this place. They even thought the arms of the Joshua Tree were outstretched to lead them to the promised land. John Freemont on the other hand referred to them as “the most repulsive trees in the universe.”

This incredible bounty of mountains & wildlife has taken on a life of it’s own though & is appealing to creative souls everywhere. I was lucky enough to shoot there with an incredible team of people when I modelled for super talented new designer, Emily Daccarett. The elements were on our side so naturally the summer collection was about to look amazing!

When spiritual stylists and a skateboarding model team up with an incredible photographer like Ger Ger, the set creates itself. What an ideal location to make a summer collection pop.

It isn’t surprising that a space this controversial would provide the perfect shooting environment for the outlandish concepts Ger Ger has in store!”



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