Wavey Garms


by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Wardrobe: Wavey Garms / Photographer: Amy Peskett / Stylist: Frankie Noller / Stylist: Andrés Branco / Hair: Beth Kucic / Make-up Artist: Faces by India
High-octane: 1/11
High-octane: 2/11
High-octane: 3/11
High-octane: 4/11
High-octane: 5/11
High-octane: 6/11
High-octane: 7/11
High-octane: 8/11
High-octane: 9/11
High-octane: 10/11
High-octane: 11/11

Wavey Garms ‘High-octane’

Bringing together London street culture & high-fashion themes Wavey Garms founder, Andres Branco, & contemporary artist Frankie Noller collaborate on a new, female-driven editorial for spring 2021. The two creatives seamlessly merge their individual inspirations — Andres with his sportswear & rave culture background, & Frankie’s idolisation of the female form & her obsession with provocative eighties aesthetics — which is showcased through a series of high-octane images. Founded in 2013 by Andres Branco, Wavey Garms is a London institution renowned for selling pre-loved designer clothes, styling the music industry’s most iconic names & hosting raves in the city. Frankie Noller is a London-based contemporary artist & fashion stylist who has dressed an impressive roster of UK rappers & has a deep affinity with female empowerment.



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