Georgina Solomon

‘Hills of SA’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: Georgina Solomon / Model: Gigi / Stylist: Georgina Solomon / Wardrobe: Lasskaa / Wardrobe: Swop Clothing Exchange
Hills of SA: 1/15
Hills of SA: 2/15
Hills of SA: 3/15
Hills of SA: 4/15
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Hills of SA: 15/15

Georgina Solomon ‘Hills of SA’

Recently our girl, Georgina Solomon of clothing label ‘Lasskaa’ ventured up to the foot hills of South Australia with her beautiful muse, Gigi to shoot this stunning series.

“We stumbled across a lookout decked out with old vintage couches, located next to a space aged home that had a life-size Star-wars statue in the window. It backed onto a water tank that we snuck on top of, which was surrounded by an array of Australian wildlife. Just as sunset hit, we cruised up the hill some more & ran a muck through this never ending field that looks over the city of Adelaide. Not only did this 90’s bombshell blow me away on the styling front, but my lens also fell head over heels in love with her, making this one of my favourite shoots to date”.



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