‘Hit & run’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Baarik / Model: Rocket
Hit & run: 1/9
Hit & run: 2/9
Hit & run: 3/9
Hit & run: 4/9
Hit & run: 5/9
Hit & run: 6/9
Hit & run: 7/9
Hit & run: 8/9
Hit & run: 9/9

Baarik ‘Hit & run’

Recently Rocket found warmth in the back of photographer, Baarik’s SUV on a freezing night in Atlanta, GA. Here is what she told us about their cosy encounter…

“The shoot was an experiment but also a blast, filled with cold air & no clothes. It was freezing out & we decided to go to a park to shoot. It ended up being so cold that we couldn’t feel our hands & feet so we got in his SUV, turned up the heat & had a fun little shoot in his Explorer!”



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