Heather Hussey-Van Gaale


by: Ainsley Hutchence

18 photographs.
Photographer: Heather Hussey-Van Gaale / Model: Amber Flowers / Model: Sky / Stylist: Heather Hussey-Van Gaale / Wardrobe: Sky
Ho-down-showdown: 1/18
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Ho-down-showdown: 18/18

Heather Hussey-Van Gaale ‘Ho-down-showdown’

Heather Hussey-Van Gaale brings us a new awesome debut series about fighting with your best friend.

“Most girls know the scenario; it’s inevitable when two crazy bitches become friends. At first its a wild ride of fun & gut-busting laughter… true partners in crime. You’ve got each other’s back & you divulge your deepest secrets. Until one day your partner in crime becomes your nemesis & the friendship ends in a shootout.

I used this theme with western styling because of the dramatization of the wild west, lawlessness… & also I had a pair of killer boots that I wanted to shoot.”



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