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Brooke Olimpieri ‘Holly in hollywood’

London born & bred actor/model, Holly Horne was visiting LA for just a few short weeks & so our girl Brooke of Filthy Mouth Creative jammed in as many shoots as she could after becoming instantly obsessed with Holly’s look. This is the gorgeous result of one of those shoot days. Brook wanted to show Holly the best of West Hollywood & what California is really all about. Here is what she told us about that day…

“We started at the Chateau Marmont, famous for celebrity sightings & the controversial meetings & affairs endlessly happening behind the deep foliage & large brass gates… It’s a staple… Next stop was The body Shop… A full nude strip club located in the heart of Sunset boulevard. Known for its super late night hours as well as the awesome “Nude Girls” sign that has been a staple of the sunset strip for years… Next we stopped by Pink Dot, a 24 hour convenience store which also happens to deliver anything you need at anytime of day. They started this trend long before people were placing orders online for groceries to be delivered. You can’t miss it, there is custom blue with pink polka dot painted Volkswagen bug parked out front… & what’s a Hollywood tour without a stop at the Viper Room, famous for its previous owner Johnny Depp (while dating Kate Moss) used to constantly hang out at… Also the place that actor River Phoenix overdosed on drugs & died. Literally at the pay phone right outside the bar… But we couldn’t leave without having a spicy mezcal margarita at the Standard Hotel Pool, known for its bright blue AstroTurf & always trendy people watching.

Right as we were leaving, Holly said to me.. “I’m so hungry”.. So where else to go but directly across sunset to Carney’s, famous for not only its food, but also because of the fact that it’s literally the caboose to a train built into a full working restaurant. It’s so Hollywood… & the food is so unforgettable… Holly claimed “it’s everything I could have wanted in a chili dog, OMG.”



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