Zhamak Fullad

‘Hollywood high’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

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Photographer: Zhamak Fullad / Model: Kelsey Danielle
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Hollywood high: 7/7

Zhamak Fullad ‘Hollywood high’

Such a fun new film set by Zhamak Fullad starring super cutie, Kelsey Danielle. I remember this place!!! We also shot there during our last visit to LA. Its this incredible Hollywood prop store & such an amazing shoot location. With all the bright colours, lights & movie memorabilia, its impossible not to have fun there. Here is what Zhamak told us about the day…

“We messed around for a while over there as it took us more time than usual to shoot because there were so many families around & we didn’t want to show Kelsey’s butt to 3 year-old kids”.

Have definitely found myself in that predicament once or twice 🙂




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