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Casie Wendel ‘Hot as day’

Casie Wendel brings us a new stunning film series starring fitness guru & instagram star Holly Barker.

“Do my nipples offend you?”

Holly Barker is exposing her comfort for the beauty in her body.  Spreading body positivity & baring the uncomfortable comfortably. Do her nipples make her any less capable to be an entrepreneur, a strong female influence, a fitness advocate & lead in her industry?

Perhaps it’s her comfort that was instilled at a young age that allows her to carelessly create the beautiful images you see. Growing up on a farm with powerful, strong female influences has created the powerhouse she credits herself to be today.

“There are certain things that stick with you as you grow, impressions that create the person you become.  The things that stood out to me was the beauty in comfort that both my grandma’s displayed as I grew up.” Both grandma’s, incredibly independent & beautifully unique shared the same message that spoke to Holly; to love your body. “On one side, my grandma was the quintessential European French, tanned goddess, always wearing big classic sunglasses, relaxing in the sun, spreading the oil on her bronzed skin, reading the celebrity magazines. On the other side was the adventure grandma, the one that shared her travels & fashion & makeup with me as I grew up & allowing me to tag along to play as she swam laps in the pool and dried off in the public sauna naked.”

Holly comes by her comfort with the overexposed perception honestly & does not apologize for it.  It’s a sign that she is true to her roots and ready for the rest of the world to catch up. Don’t underestimate the power of a woman that is comfortably comfortable with the uncomfortable norm.



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