Brooke Olimpieri

‘Hot as hell’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

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Photographer: Brooke Olimpieri / Model: Katriana Du'Gas / Stylist: Brooke Olimpieri / Accessories: Brooke Williams / Wardrobe: Hot As Hell
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Brooke Olimpieri ‘Hot as hell’

Recently our girl, Brooke Olimpieri of Filthy Mouth Creative met with her hot-as-hell friend to shoot with a Hot-As-Hell wardrobe… literally, the brand is called Hot-As-Hell & it lives up to it’s name! I met the amazing designer during my last trip to New York & have been drooling over her pieces ever since. Get ready to see a bunch of it on my insta 🙂

For now, here is what Brook told us about her shoot day with the very beautiful, Katriana Du’Gas.

“Hot-As-Hell is this new emerging brand of lingerie/swimwear/ready-to-wear pieces.  From the animal prints to the high rise bikini bottoms & more lace than Madonna has in her closet. As soon as the package arrived I was inspired!

Animal prints mixed with my hot friend Kitty Kat… hmm, is there anything better?! This girl is a lioness, she is one of those women that something as simple as eye contact sets you on fire.

We met at my place & drove up the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) to Malibu. In the car we listened to some good old Phil Collins & The Eagles (Hotel California) to set the mood. We arrived at the location & as we walked up the trail into a canyon across from the gorgeous ocean, we passed around a bottle of wine. When the camera is on Kitty, the lioness is fierce.”



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