Alexander Bather

‘Hot tropic’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Alexander Bather / Model: Jessica Workman / Stylist: Katie Benbow / Location: Studio303MCR
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Alexander Bather ‘Hot tropic’

Last Thursday at around 8pm (Australia time) while I was out at a new store launch & a few beers under, I received a call from a guy called Alexander Bather. He had an English accent & was asking me if I had received his hi-res photos.

Ains: “I thought you were a girl”.
Alex: “I thought you were a boy”.

That’s about all I can remember about our convo, but I do recall thinking this guy has awesome vibes & I can’t wait to feature his work.

So, without further ado, here is ‘Hot tropic’, our debut feaure from Manchester photographer, Alexander Bather.

“Having a free night in the studio means I can get creative & create my own ideas without being detrimental to a brand who are trying to corrupt my head with their ideas. Katie Benbow, stylist & singer, had asked me to work with her, so I organised a shoot with Jessica Workman who I knew would adapt well to Katies Style. playing with plants, lights & shadows created this awesome atmosphere.”



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