Silvija Gec

‘House rules’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: Silvija Gec / Creative director: Silvija Gec / Model: Erika Janavi / Stylist: Erika Janavi
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Silvija Gec ‘House rules’

A little over a year ago, Silvija Gec & Erika Janavi created one of my favourite shoots to date entitled ‘Girl in her room‘. So I was pretty excited when they told me they had recently got back together to make a follow-up story which also went straight to my faves list. This is ‘House rules’.

Silvija Gec: I just love the outfits.
Erika Janavi: So what we are doing this time?
Silvija Gec: Just be yourself.
Erika Janavi: Well,which one ?

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