Housewarming: 1/6 Housewarming: 1/6
Housewarming: 2/6 Housewarming: 2/6
Housewarming: 3/6 Housewarming: 3/6
Housewarming: 4/6 Housewarming: 4/6
Housewarming: 5/6 Housewarming: 5/6
Housewarming: 6/6 Housewarming: 6/6

Grant Spanier ‘Housewarming’

Grant Spanier & his muse, Madeleine Davidson often collaborate & so when Madeleine moved into her new apartment they figured the only proper “housewarming” would be to shoot a film series together.

“One of the gifts of photography is finding people you truly vibe with, then connecting with them & falling in love with the process of collaboration. Madeleine is one of my favourite people to create with. It feels very natural & safe & cathartic, & ultimately, inspired.”



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