Eleonor Delecluse


by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Eleonor Delecluse / Stylist: Eleonor Delecluse / Model: Fabian Gamba / Model Management: IMG Models
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Eleonor Delecluse ‘Hoy’

By an odd set of circumstances, photographer Eléonor Delécluse finds herself in confinement with Fabian in his late grandfather’s beach house on the coast of the Mexican gulf in Yucatan.

“There, time takes a whole new dimension; the time that passes is long, & fast at the same time. Life passes by at the rythm of the cycle of the sun, sunset after sunrise, sunrise after sunset. The memories from the past are invading the walls of our home as we’re creating new ones.

The days are alike but the sunsets make them different. We get to learn, little by little, to live a simple life that was foreign to us, to appreciate what each new day has to offer: the cooling rain after a hot summer day, the refreshing water from the coconuts we pick from our trees, the turmoil of a tropical storm as a reminder that we’re very little compared to the strength of the elements..

With this series of pictures, I wished to immortalize an ode to this time, to each new day that we get to live, to these long humid days that marked our lives & changed them forever.”



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