‘Hula hoop’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Rangefinder35 / Director: Rangefinder35 / Model: Aurora / Stylist: Heather Flores / Editor: Ben Josepher / Production: Greg Wilmot
Hula hoop: 1/6
Hula hoop: 2/6
Hula hoop: 3/6
Hula hoop: 4/6
Hula hoop: 5/6
Hula hoop: 6/6

HULA HOOP from Rangefinder35 on Vimeo.

Rangefinder35 ‘Hula hoop’

Photographer Rangefinder35 & his beautiful girlfriend celebrate the coming of summer with this Kodachrome take on the French New Wave. The short film follows Aurora dancing & hoola hooping all around a fun park to Brigitte Bardot classic, ‘L’appareil à sous’.



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