Matthew Parisien

‘Hungover games’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Matthew Parisien / Model: Casey Flanz
Hungover games: 1/6
Hungover games: 2/6
Hungover games: 3/6
Hungover games: 4/6
Hungover games: 5/6
Hungover games: 6/6

Matthew Parisien ‘Hungover games’

You know how at the end of a long, painful hangover day, sometimes you get that burst of creative energy? That’s exactly how ‘Hangover games’ came to life recently in Montreal. Here is what photographer, Matthew Parisien told us about his vintage inspired series…

“We were both extremely hungover from the night before. We realized we had so much work to do so we cuddled up in bed & got everything done, & then we thought we should make a set that was based around this story so we experimented with old newspapers, my grandfather’s glasses, & my vintage coca-cola phone.”



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