Marcos Paim

‘Hungry bites’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Photographer: Marcos Paim / Creative director: Marcos Paim / Production: Marcos Paim / Production: Tyz Matos / Production: Yza R / Model: Andressa Valadares
Hungry bites: 1/16
Hungry bites: 2/16
Hungry bites: 3/16
Hungry bites: 4/16
Hungry bites: 5/16
Hungry bites: 6/16
Hungry bites: 7/16
Hungry bites: 8/16
Hungry bites: 9/16
Hungry bites: 10/16
Hungry bites: 11/16
Hungry bites: 12/16
Hungry bites: 13/16
Hungry bites: 14/16
Hungry bites: 15/16
Hungry bites: 16/16

Marcos Paim ‘Hungry bites’

Brazilian photographer/visual artist, Marcos Paim is back with a new memorising series!

“Sex & all the significant & symbolic content that have accompanied my life since childhood. The libido & the intensity have always had a very strong presence in personality & in the most intimate part of my behaviour. The forbidden & the unusual always awakened desires. I can express all the energy in the minutest detail that circulate around the means in which I live & participate. The appetite’s parallel with the imagination & the surreal. It seems that the habitual & repetitive side can’t fill. I can’t have freedom & fullness of intimacy if there is the naturalness of chemistry. I need someone who can connect & understand me since my tuning more simplified, but it seems that it is very rare. Become vacant & no prospect of freedom of my inner demons. Can simplify something tough, challenging & indecipherable on the outside, & inside the content is very visceral, acid, wild-looking, carnal & erotic. The fuse of my intense sensations consumes the body & mind, so they merge into a duality. The paradise of the misunderstood fight against desires & the reality.”



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