William Jarratt

‘Hurt me harder’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Creative director: William Jarratt / Photographer: Andre Cois / Model: William Jarratt / Model: Kellee Aleman / Stylist: William Jarratt
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William Jarratt ‘Hurt me harder’

I met model, creative director, stylist & musician, William Jarratt, on set of our Valentines day shoot this year & knew I would be seeing a lot more of him! He radiates something special. Something unique. Something not every one possesses. Maybe this is what they call the X-factor. Maybe it all just come down to William’s refusal to be & project anything different to what he believes in, who he really is. Maybe being extraordinary is really just being yourself. At the very least, William Jarratt is inspiring & it’s a pleasure to feature debut work from the Melbourne creative to kick start the week.

“I set out to write a shoot detailing a love story but with genders reversed. My aim was to point out that everyone feels the same love & the same heartbreak, no matter what they look like or how they’re judged by society. The poems that I wrote were to give the story a bit more of a deeper message & represent the inner dialogue of the couple. I tried to make them write completely differently so you could really tell it’s from two perspectives. I made ‘male’ in the story have the typical female perspective of emotion & imagery in his thoughts & I did the opposite with the ‘female’ character by having ‘her’ inner dialogue very logic based & dry, which is typically what society expects from a man. Again I really just wanted to push the fact that our sex has nothing to do with who we are as humans. Gender shouldn’t even be something people think about, just the same as sexual orientation & race. But for some reason our collective mindset is still in the dark ages.”



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