Buğra Şiir

‘Hype room’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Buğra Şiir / Model: Tatyana Bryk / Model Management: Flash Model / Stylist: Tuba Geçgel / Location: Sub Karaköy Hotel
Hype room: 1/11
Hype room: 2/11
Hype room: 3/11
Hype room: 4/11
Hype room: 5/11
Hype room: 6/11
Hype room: 7/11
Hype room: 8/11
Hype room: 9/11
Hype room: 10/11
Hype room: 11/11

Buğra Şiir ‘Hype room’

Istanbul photographer, Baransel Şiir, a.k.a Bugra, captured his muse, Tatyana Bryk, & her contagious energy as she sang & danced around their SuB Karaköy Hotel room. Love!



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