Hypnotise (NSFW): 1/13 Hypnotise (NSFW): 1/13
Hypnotise (NSFW): 2/13 Hypnotise (NSFW): 2/13
Hypnotise (NSFW): 3/13 Hypnotise (NSFW): 3/13
Hypnotise (NSFW): 4/13 Hypnotise (NSFW): 4/13
Hypnotise (NSFW): 5/13 Hypnotise (NSFW): 5/13
Hypnotise (NSFW): 6/13 Hypnotise (NSFW): 6/13
Hypnotise (NSFW): 7/13 Hypnotise (NSFW): 7/13
Hypnotise (NSFW): 8/13 Hypnotise (NSFW): 8/13
Hypnotise (NSFW): 9/13 Hypnotise (NSFW): 9/13
Hypnotise (NSFW): 10/13 Hypnotise (NSFW): 10/13
Hypnotise (NSFW): 11/13 Hypnotise (NSFW): 11/13
Hypnotise (NSFW): 12/13 Hypnotise (NSFW): 12/13
Hypnotise (NSFW): 13/13 Hypnotise (NSFW): 13/13

Hypnotise from Jesse Dvorak on Vimeo.

Jesse Dvorak ‘Hypnotise (NSFW)’

Los Angeles filmmaker/photographer, Jesse Dvorak sets the tone for the weekend with his new series starring the incredible, Scarlett Lillia Davis.

“Scarlett arrived, & I had a general mood I wanted to explore with her. Vaguely, an idea of distant intimacy. I wanted the film & images to evoke a feeling of an ephemeral memory or fantasy. Something you desire & feel connected with, but cannot touch or have.



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