‘I heart you’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
8 photographs.
Photographer: Briony / Model: Nineowa
I heart you: 1/8
I heart you: 2/8
I heart you: 3/8
I heart you: 4/8
I heart you: 5/8
I heart you: 6/8
I heart you: 7/8
I heart you: 8/8

Briony ‘I heart you’

This Valentine’s day, Briony brings us a new editorial, an in-depth look at viewing our heart as an object.

“When shooting still lifes you are typically picking inanimate objects, items that are in fact, lifeless & unanimated. While depicting the heart in the midst of these different scenarios the juxtaposition is that each photo shows scenes that evoke feelings with their beauty & uniqueness, while treating the heart, the thing that is supposed to be the controller of all emotions, as just an object.

Each shot will be seen to each viewer differently, if you’re in love having the heart for dinner can be a sign of giving one’s self to a partner. If you are opposed to V-Day this can be seen as the cold-heartedness of love & peoples ability to so callously play with others hearts. Each photo is an ode to the different type of still lifes out there & are created with the intention to make people really think about what love is.”


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