Mona Cordes

‘I heart you’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Mona Cordes / Make-up Artist: Melanie Christou / Model: Chloe Humphrey / Model: Ruby Bankhead / Wardrobe: Vintage Licks
I heart you: 1/12
I heart you: 2/12
I heart you: 3/12
I heart you: 4/12
I heart you: 5/12
I heart you: 6/12
I heart you: 7/12
I heart you: 8/12
I heart you: 9/12
I heart you: 10/12
I heart you: 11/12
I heart you: 12/12

Mona Cordes ‘I heart you’

Young German Fashion photographer, Mona Cordes collaborates with London designer, Vintage Licks for this gorgeous Valentines day special. Shouts out to all the beautful single ladies.



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