James Beddoes

‘I love Lucy (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Photographer: James Beddoes / Model: Lucy Jackson
I love Lucy (NSFW): 1/14
I love Lucy (NSFW): 2/14
I love Lucy (NSFW): 3/14
I love Lucy (NSFW): 4/14
I love Lucy (NSFW): 5/14
I love Lucy (NSFW): 6/14
I love Lucy (NSFW): 7/14
I love Lucy (NSFW): 8/14
I love Lucy (NSFW): 9/14
I love Lucy (NSFW): 10/14
I love Lucy (NSFW): 11/14
I love Lucy (NSFW): 12/14
I love Lucy (NSFW): 13/14
I love Lucy (NSFW): 14/14

James Beddoes ‘I love Lucy (NSFW)’

‘I love Lucy’ Is our latest from UK photographer & regular contributor, James Beddoes. I fucking love how James shoots women! its sexy & tough & rad AF! Now I love Lucy too! This shoot made my little panties wet.

“Lucy came for a visit from London & we were just dicking around, hanging out, trying to brighten up an otherwise overcast day. Lucy is fun & full of energy so to capture it all I just ended up filming her as much as photographing. hopefully people dig the results!”



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