Gia Trimble

‘I want it all’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Gia Trimble / Model: Sideara St. Claire / Stylist: Sideara St. Claire / Accessories: NIN3
I want it all: 1/8
I want it all: 2/8
I want it all: 3/8
I want it all: 4/8
I want it all: 5/8
I want it all: 6/8
I want it all: 7/8
I want it all: 8/8

Gia Trimble ‘I want it all’

Model, actress, photographer, Sideara St. Claire proudly describes herself as a freaky girl who has added designer to her repertoire. Recently she teamed up with fellow photographer, Gia Trimble & posed in her latest amazing offbeat jewelry designs now available on her website – NIN3. I’ll take one of everything please!!!




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