Warwick Gow

‘I won’t be long’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Warwick Gow / Photographer: Shenāe Kneebone / Stylist: Danica Renee / Danica Renee / Wardrobe: The Other Side
I won’t be long: 1/7
I won’t be long: 2/7
I won’t be long: 3/7
I won’t be long: 4/7
I won’t be long: 5/7
I won’t be long: 6/7
I won’t be long: 7/7

Warwick Gow ‘I won’t be long’

It’s always extra special when I get to feature a series shot on my home turf along the South east coast of Australia by local homies. Recently photographer, Warwick Gow went on a scenic walk with the very beautiful, Shenāe Kneebone to capture ‘I Won’t Be Long’.



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