Iceberg: 1/8 Iceberg: 1/8
Iceberg: 2/8 Iceberg: 2/8
Iceberg: 3/8 Iceberg: 3/8
Iceberg: 4/8 Iceberg: 4/8
Iceberg: 5/8 Iceberg: 5/8
Iceberg: 6/8 Iceberg: 6/8
Iceberg: 7/8 Iceberg: 7/8
Iceberg: 8/8 Iceberg: 8/8

William Arcand-Desgagné ‘Iceberg’

Montreal fashion photographer, William Arcand-Desgagné presents new stunning work starring Nuku & Noe.

“What a person shows to the world is only one tiny facet of the iceberg hidden from sight. Style is not everything. What you don’t see is the real deal.”



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