Carly Foulkes

‘Ideally, nothing’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Carly Foulkes / Model: Sarah Winters (Vox) / Wardrobe: Pansy Co
Ideally, nothing: 1/8
Ideally, nothing: 2/8
Ideally, nothing: 3/8
Ideally, nothing: 4/8
Ideally, nothing: 5/8
Ideally, nothing: 6/8
Ideally, nothing: 7/8
Ideally, nothing: 8/8

Carly Foulkes ‘Ideally, nothing’

Recently NYC based photographer/model/artist/director, Carly Foulkes met up with & photographed Sarah Winters, aka Vox, because in her own words she is “obsessed with her”. We have featured Vox a few times before, because in addition to how well she photographs, she has the voice of an angel!

I have included her latest track in this post for your listening pleasure 🙂

Peep our last feature with Vox here.



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