Sono J

‘Il Cambiamento’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Sono J / Model: Kristina Kozhukhan / Model Management: Dolls Model Management / Make-up Artist: Summer Wei / Hair: Carter Tsai
Il Cambiamento: 1/6
Il Cambiamento: 2/6
Il Cambiamento: 3/6
Il Cambiamento: 4/6
Il Cambiamento: 5/6
Il Cambiamento: 6/6

Sono J ‘Il Cambiamento’

Sono J brings us a gorgeous debut fashion story.

“Time flies, seasons change, everything keeps moving & we might not notice it, time by time, we have become someone else, someone more mature but losing purity, what is the true self?”

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