‘I’m ok (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: BDP / Art director: BDP / Model: Brittany G / Wardrobe: Victoria's Secret
I’m ok (NSFW): 1/11
I’m ok (NSFW): 2/11
I’m ok (NSFW): 3/11
I’m ok (NSFW): 4/11
I’m ok (NSFW): 5/11
I’m ok (NSFW): 6/11
I’m ok (NSFW): 7/11
I’m ok (NSFW): 8/11
I’m ok (NSFW): 9/11
I’m ok (NSFW): 10/11
I’m ok (NSFW): 11/11

BDP ‘I’m ok (NSFW)’

Following a big night out, LA based photographer/painter, BDP photographs his gorgeous muse after she steps out of the shower & begins her recovery. Brittany hangovers look so good on you! Hooooow!!!????

“This shoot was pretty spontaneous. We had just woken up after going out the night before & were super hung over. Brittany had just gotten out of the shower & her hair started to curl up like it did when we first met 7 years ago. I wanted to capture the intimate moments that she & I have together. There’s an unspoken level of comfort that translates into each image when photographing the person closest to you.

I’m drawn to film because it’s a tangible object that you can hold & manipulate. There’s also something about the grain & colour in the negative that you can’t get from any digital camera. I just want to create images that speak for themselves & that I would like to see.”

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