Impulsive: 1/14 Impulsive: 1/14
Impulsive: 2/14 Impulsive: 2/14
Impulsive: 3/14 Impulsive: 3/14
Impulsive: 4/14 Impulsive: 4/14
Impulsive: 5/14 Impulsive: 5/14
Impulsive: 6/14 Impulsive: 6/14
Impulsive: 7/14 Impulsive: 7/14
Impulsive: 8/14 Impulsive: 8/14
Impulsive: 9/14 Impulsive: 9/14
Impulsive: 10/14 Impulsive: 10/14
Impulsive: 11/14 Impulsive: 11/14
Impulsive: 12/14 Impulsive: 12/14
Impulsive: 13/14 Impulsive: 13/14
Impulsive: 14/14 Impulsive: 14/14

Alya Kolpakova ‘Impulsive’

Alya Kolpakova brings us a fashion editorial inspired by the atmospheric streets of Turin city located in northern Italy.

“Our collaboration is a mix of emotions and colors and the atmosphere. We were also playing with the contrast of rush hour and moments when we were absolutely relaxed and enjoying the fresh breeze of the wind and the morning light. The outfits were carefully selected including emergent Italian designers such as Vanessa Agostini Lucia Carmagnola. We also included an original piece designed and recycled by our fashion stylist and photographer Alya Kolpakova- an up-cycled blazer with eye-shaped buttons on it. And we didn’t forget about our origins and the last designer we are glad to introduce, Bianca Nazarova.

Wardrobe; Versace, Steve Madden, Prada, Dior, Vanessa Agostini, Humana Vintage, Black Form, People for People, Calzedonia, Alya Kolpakova, Punto Zero.



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