‘In an instant’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Shan / Creative director: Shan / Model: Serena Lee / Model: Jana Evangelista / HMUA: Audrey Guegan / Stylist: Jana Evangelista
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In an instant: 13/13

Shan ‘In an instant’

Toronto creative Shan pulls together his dream team for his latest analogue series starring Sabrena Lee & Jana Evangelista.

“I had been going through Helmut Newton’s book, a world without men & shortly after that, I stumbled across the opportunity to work with the talented creatives featured in this shoot. Naturally, inspired by the said book, we created this series & had fun doing it. Both Sabrena & Jana were insanely talented & fun to work with, & Audrey helped pull off the look with her MUA skills.”



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