‘In the beginning’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: ACTAT / Model: María Forqué
In the beginning: 1/9
In the beginning: 2/9
In the beginning: 3/9
In the beginning: 4/9
In the beginning: 5/9
In the beginning: 6/9
In the beginning: 7/9
In the beginning: 8/9
In the beginning: 9/9

ACTAT ‘In the beginning’

They didn’t know it at the time but these images would mark the beginning of an incredible art duo who now go by the name ACTAT. Since this shoot photographer, inri3721 & performance artist / model, María Forqué have gone on to do incredible things together with their combined artistic disciplines of video, photo, sound & performance. A very popular example of their work is a photo series & film we featured not so long ago titled ‘Blood bath’. Be sure to check that one out too 🙂




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