James Juranke


by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: James Juranke / Model: Selina Yang / Stylist: Jae Liu / Make-up Artist: Jae Liu / Location: Utopian Oasis
Indoors: 1/7
Indoors: 2/7
Indoors: 3/7
Indoors: 4/7
Indoors: 5/7
Indoors: 6/7
Indoors: 7/7

James Juranke ‘Indoors’

James Juranke brings us new work our of Melbourne, Australia.

“This collaboration was brought together Jessica He & a fellow photographer. We used her Air BnB for the shoot, just a week before we went into lockdown, not really knowing what was ahead of us. The location has a very “Far eastern” feel to it, with bright coloured walls.”



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