Indulgence: 1/8 Indulgence: 1/8
Indulgence: 2/8 Indulgence: 2/8
Indulgence: 3/8 Indulgence: 3/8
Indulgence: 4/8 Indulgence: 4/8
Indulgence: 5/8 Indulgence: 5/8
Indulgence: 6/8 Indulgence: 6/8
Indulgence: 7/8 Indulgence: 7/8
Indulgence: 8/8 Indulgence: 8/8

Naeva Nualas ‘Indulgence’

Naeva Nualas & Johann France collaborate to photograph Eva Dolou, indulging us with a peak into the relationship between Paris, progressive fashion & grunge.

Naeva and Johan met during their studies in Canada. Both motivated by their desire to transgress the codes of portraiture photography, they develop together a collaborative format of several series of portraits combining their photographic approaches. Two photographers for the same subject, focusing on both emotions and outfits presented.

Wardrobe; By Carole, Ichor Creation, Bedoucha, Zara.



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