Amy Hibbard

‘Industrial Revolution’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Amy Hibbard / Model: Rachel Cross / Model Management: Wink Models / Wardrobe: Tanu Vasu / HMUA: Cherry Cheung
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Amy Hibbard ‘Industrial Revolution’

Sydney based designer Tanu Vasu presents her latest collection, ‘Industrial Revolution’.

“The framework of this collection was derived from elements of the Industrial revolution. The collection focuses on the transition to new materials & explores the use of metal fastenings that were prominent at the time which have been integrated into the design as ornamental embellishments. The collection fixates the past, re-framing historical resurgence as a desire for authenticity and nostalgia.

The industrial revolution marked the transition to powered machinery; the textile industry flourished allowing for innovative fabric production. This was a vital historical movement that assisted the fashion industry, the collection draws parallel to this notion of ‘new’ usages for materials. Buckles and toggles have been employed as design foundations in turn creating a distinctive aesthetic appeal. The era’s highly structured silhouettes have been translated into the collection featuring built up necklines & textured fabrications depicting the materials that were used at the time. Waxed cotton in combination with embellished leather pieces have been incorporated into the designs.”



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