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Verena Mandragora ‘Inferno’

Verena Mandragora lives, loves and works between Munich, Germany, and Vienna, Austria. Today she presents her debut series entitled ‘Inferno’.

“After a full day of location scouting across the beautiful island of Fuerteventura, the beaches of the small fishing village of Ajuy turned out to be the perfect contrast between heaven and hell. Rugged cliffs with high waves meet soft sand whose blackness blurs the line between heaven and hell. All in all, my team and I spent a whole week in the Canary Islands, impressed by the nature and the originality.

Our last day of shooting, on which we also implemented the extensive “Inferno” project, was the crowning glory of our stay. We defied wind and weather but still had to shoot without an originally planned location because it was simply flooded by the sea several meters high. The high waves also took their toll here: my stylist’s shoes were not blown away by the wind, but were carried away by the waves – only to be miraculously washed ashore again a few hours later. It was as if Poseidon was taking his toll – or whatever gods may be in charge of the inferno.

In his divine comedy, Dante Alighieri already described the paths that lead through hell to paradise, from guilt to atonement, from heaviness to lightness. What initially sounds like a contradiction and the two bowls of a scale are in reality just the logical consequence, leading one to the other. What if there’s only one earth to walk on and heaven and hell are what we make of it? The responsibility we face? Our will that shapes our existence? Is Dante’s comedy still divine then? Or is it just man-made?”



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