5 things I fuck with

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5 things I fuck with

Hey, for those of you that don’t know me, I’m Ains, Creative director of Sticks & Stones Agency/Mothership. Thank you for visiting! Here are 5 things I fuck with rn.

1. Dr. Death Podcast – If you are into listening to murder podcasts you will be into this! Got me through a long-winded very hungover drive last night. Was dying to get home but at the same time kinda wanted to sit in my driveway for another hour to finish it off. Got through the last two eppy’s today at the gym. Wasn’t the best cardio work out since I had to slow down to hear properly. Click here to listen to the 9 part series on Spotify. I fuck with Dr. Death Podcast.

2. Organic Cotton tampons/pads/Diva cup – Periods fucking suck. Then again, without them, I couldn’t be the amazing mum I am today 🙂 Still every month, just for an hour or so while my emotions are in top gear, I get super angry about the fact that as a woman I have to deal with this shit. The pain (which soars to a whole new level after giving birth btw), watching my boyf tiptoe around me while I’m on the verge of an emotional meltdown, shoving so much shit up my vajayjay. If I became president the first thing I would do is invent & implement a yearly mandatory induced period for men, so they can at least understand it. Of course, I wouldn’t announce this pre-election. Bridging that gap would change the world! In the meantime, at least we have the power to decide what kind of shit we shove up our vajayjays!!!

Ultimately the menstrual cup is the best solution. My fave recommendation here. Way better for the environment, cost-effective & good for your beautiful lady bits. But if you aren’t mentally ready to shove a cup up there, at least treat yourself to organic cotton tampons, pads & panty-liners. Your gorgeous vagina is a mucous membrane which means its lining absorbs whatever you put into it. Best stay away from regular cotton (as in grown with pesticides) & synthetic rayon mix that’s probably been bleached & whitened with chlorine & also might contain chemical fragrances or dyes!!! You can imagine how toxic this is for your body, especially if you are like me & accidentally leave your tampon in for too long when you’re on set or at work & too busy to change it, or just a little bit drunk. I fuck with diva cups & organic cotton tampons!

3. Lemongrass oil (nail polish remover alternative) – I was in my local health food store the other week & overheard a lady telling her customer that Lemongrass oil removes nail polish! So I purchased a little bottle of the oil for $13 & to my surprise, it worked! Actually, it works better than nail polish remover & smells delightful, especially in comparison to all the nasty shit that goes into remover. I fuck with lemongrass oil!

4. My boyfriend – His name is Matty B (Bouris) & I have been crushing on him since the 90’s. He is incredible. You will get to know him very soon coz I really want to tell you all about us on another day when my eyes aren’t so heavy. He will also be contributing to this site moving forward. Except if he doesn’t write me on his 5 fuck with list he is dumped. Here’s a photo I took when we first started dating just over a year ago. I fuck (with) Matty B.

5. Facebook Marketplace – I discovered FB marketplace when I was broke one weekend & a friend suggested selling some shit on there to make quick cash. It worked! Since then I have been selling off all the things in my wardrobe & house that I don’t need. Way easier & way faster than e-bay! Plus no fees & people just come pick this shit up from my house saving me from my least favorite errand – lining up at the post office. I have also been buying a bunch of awesome things for my house. It feels good to buy second hand!!! This is pretty much the only reason I go on FB these days. I fuck with Facebook Marketplace.



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