5 things we fuck with

Each week we will be bringing you 5 things we fuck with because we think you should fuck with them too 🙂

1. Guys We’ve Fucked (Podcast)
If you’ve ever spotted me on my brisk morning walk up to the Byron Bay lighthouse and back you might have noticed between puffing and sweating profusely I’m also laughing out loud like a crazy bitch. I was a little late to the table with this one which means I get to listen to 10 years of backlog before I have to wait for weekly releases, but damn I wish I discovered this earlier. Described as an “anti-slut-shaming” podcast, New York comedians Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson openly discuss life, sex and relationships with their guests and offer frank advice and a light roasting to brave listeners that write in with questions. Like a type of therapy, this podcast validates all of my thoughts and feelings about society, sex, and relationships and sets me up for success for the rest of my day- empowered and in a good fucking mood.


2. Head Scratcher (Product)
Minimal effort, ultimate foreplay. No need to waste your time on the latest fancy models either. The OG classic head-scratcher is sneaky sexy; the perfect foreplay tool & requires barely any effort. For extra points tell me it’s a brain sucker having a feast. Noting makes me wetter than a compliment about my intellect. For the new parents that don’t fuck with sex right now, apparently, they also stop your baby from crying!


3. Bosch & Rockit (Movie)
My partner recently stopped to chat with an old friend of his called Tyler. We ran into him in Byron Bay a few weeks ago whilst walking back from our favorite beach. He was holding a fish and had long hair and a long beard and the parts of his face that I could see were extremely handsome. His big friendly smile and interesting open conversations made me warm to him straight away and just as we were saying our goodbyes he casually mentioned his movie was coming to Netflix that night, a movie he wrote and directed about his childhood.

That night with absolutely no idea about the storyline and without any expectations, I maneuvered Matty into my favorite spoon position on the couch and watched ‘Bosch & Rockit’, an incredibly moving, instantly iconic Australian film about the powerful bond between a father and son, set in the late 90s and filmed in and around Byron Bay and our favorite east coast surf beaches. Highly recommend you watch it too.


4. Women Don’t Owe You Pretty (Book)
This was one of the many “self-help” books I read during the first Covid lockdown and the first one that I recommend to all of my friends ever since. Written by British writer, activist and illustrator Florence Given, ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’ spotlights toxic structures of our patriarchal society and empowers its readers to fight back. Educational, refreshing, direct, and fun to read, I can honestly say that this book changed my life.


5. Roller skating (Activity)
This one was a suggestion by our music editor Griffin following his recent visit to the skatepark which ended in a broken leg, surgery, and 3 months of recovery (currently on day 2). In his own words, “I see women at the skatepark ripping. They hang with the skaters and grind and do flips and cartwheels”. A women-led sub-culture that earns mad respect from skater boys. You had me at hello.



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