A tribute to David Bowie

Word by Gavriel Maynard

How do you write a five minute piece on what a man did in an entire lifetime? How can you sum up decades of originality, innovation and creativity? You can’t. What I can do, is try and sum up the effect that man had on me. Before I even was a man.

When I was a kid, like most kids I listened to pop music. I hate when people pretend they were listening to really good music when they were young. Maybe you’re parents played some cool shit to you once in a while, but you weren’t listening to Sabbath when you were 7, you were listening to Craig David.

As you get a little older though you start exploring, and pre internet exploring involved work. Recording songs off the radio to cassettes, going to the library with my dad to borrow cd’s, stealing albums from Fish Records or Sanity Music. This led to discoveries, some bad some good, but you began to find things that resonated with you. Something an artist was saying that was in tune with the way you think.

When I found Bowie I had no idea what the fuck he was saying. I still don’t. But it hit me somewhere. It was his third album, ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ that I first found. Something in me connected to it and I went down Bowie road, album after album. I saw Bowie produced for Lou Reed, I went down that road. I saw he produced for Iggy and The Stooges, I went down that road. Bowie took me down many roads, many of which are still my favourite today.

I find it hard to care when a celebrity dies. I didn’t know them, we never met, we had no real connection. But Bowie hit me. It hit me like someone I had once met. It hit me as the death of an individual who created something bigger than himself. An individual who pushed boundary after boundary and never lost his originality. But what hit me the most is bigger than Bowie. It’s the realisation that this is it, the beginning of the end, the farewell of the gods of old leaving us to their incomparable counter parts of the new. Sure there are some good artists today. Is there a John Lennon? Is there a Jimi Hendrix? Is there a Janis Joplin ? I don’t believe there is. I know there isn’t another David Bowie. I know there never will be.

R.I.P Star Man.

Words by Gavriel Maynard @gavrielmaynard


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