Anything but a wasted life

A memoir by Sita Kaylin

by: Ainsley Hutchence

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Photographer: Sita Kaylin

Anything but a wasted life

We have been featuring the raw, unapologetic & provocative words & imagery by veteran stripper/creative genius, Sita Kaylin for as long as this website has existed. Which is why it gives me enormous pleasure to introduce Sita’s incredible memoir, entitled ‘Anything But a Wasted Life’, a 332 page paperback & e-book now avail here.

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Working as a stripper is anything but easy. You’re often treated like a living blow-up doll & a therapist simultaneously. It s a life that many judge easily…until you know more. Sita Kaylin, a California-based veteran in the sex industry, has lived the pitfalls of being naked in front of strangers & the absurdities that arise when you fake intimacy for a living. She left home when she was sixteen, worked hard at several jobs & eventually started college after dropping out of high school. There, a roommate turned her on to stripping, revealing a way out of the crushing financial pressures she felt & her struggles as a pre-law student with very little time or energy to study. She had no idea how wild her journey would become & what a large part of her life it would be. Sita’s stories take shape through an often altered, occasionally sarcastic, sometimes illegal and frequently funny magnifying glass she holds up to not just the sex industry, but also to human needs & desires, modern relationships, mental health, personal independence. Anything But a Wasted Life is the memoir of an unorthodox life about a woman who has rarely said no to life.



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