Q/ How did you build this empire of creativity?

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by: Ainsley Hutchence

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Words: Jacqueline Beckvermit / Words: Ainsley Hutchence S&S

Q/ How did you build this empire of creativity?

Q/ Jacqueline Beckvermit; You’re someone I look up to. How did you build this amazing empire of creativity?
I just want to dress everyone up in insane outfits & run around naked, photo journaling every moment of it, & get paid to do so. How do I do that without applying to some fancy art school, earning some fancy degree & then working for some fancy corporation where my creative ideas are limited. I’m 27 & Im bored out of my mind. I do all of the creative things, I write, I paint oil & acrylic, I collage, I shoot digital & film photography, I’m WEIRD & bubbling over with a want to let the insanity out in my work but I feel like a loner with no tribe in site & I’m freezing. I hope I don’t sound too ranty, I just don’t know how one can just be insane, creative direct it & capture it in all art forms without being a bajillionaire or being born in Hollywood. Im not sure if any of that made any sense, or if I just come off like a lazy little shit, but if you have any advice for a young gal living in NYC it would be truly appreciated.

A/ Ainsley Hutchence (SS Creative Director); WOW! Firstly, I will never get tired of hearing such positive feedback, especially from the other side of the globe. Thank you! I can tell from the way you string your sentences together that you are a creative genius just waiting to make your mark on the world!

I am replying to you in my comfs – the most comfortable outfit I own that I put on the minute I step into my house. It consists of a white button-down linen shirt dress, no bra, no undies & slippers. Its often hard for me to see my business from an outside perspective since most of it is executed in my food stained house clothes & inside if my home. Which, btw is located in a coastal town in Queensland, Australia that most people have never heard of. I had no family connections to the creative industry, no financial handouts, no mentor, no creative hub in my community to draw inspiration from & bounce around ideas with, no training in photography, no fancy equipment, no celeb friends to tag me on insta, no degree in anything & certainly not a Hollywood postcode. On top of all of this, I accidentally fell pregnant to a misogynistic sociopath when I was 22 & left his ass when my daughter was 9 months. The women who started Sticks & Stones was a mum from a small coastal town with no money & bored out of her fucking mind & she wouldn’t change a thing.

Business owners come in all shapes & sizes & the struggle in the beginning only makes the wins all the more rewarding, & believe me, I know the struggle! The boredom is your consciousness urging you to stay focused on creating, so use it to push you into your purpose. As long as you wake up every day trusting the process, with the goal to create, inspire, be inspired & add value to other peoples lives, the universe will unfold its magical plan right out in front of you. The money will come, but in the meantime, you get to do what so many people give up for the idea of security; You get to make something out of nothing! Have an original voice that stands for something & that is your own & not the tone of a corporation with a marketing strategy. Be creative in a way that reflects you & your ideas. You get to show the world your best you & fuck everything else.

Look forward to seeing your name more often!

So much love from my side of the globe to yours,
Ains x

Images from Jacqueline Beckvermit instagram.



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