Colour therapy

Fuck, I love yellow rn!

by: Ainsley Hutchence

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Words: Ainsley Hutchence / Photographer: Tony Farfalla

Colour therapy

Right now I am infatuated with the colour yellow. All of a sudden I’m seeing the colour in a whole new way; it’s fucking beautiful. Could it be because yellow is said to ignite happiness & help with communication, therefore could potentially be helping me deal with my seemingly extra volatile PMS this week? Just one quick surf through this website will tell you that I love colour. My mums favourite story at every Christmas gatho is that time I beat my bewildered brothers to complete the first level of GTA (the OG PC version). She still doesn’t know that it was an accident, that I was stealing as many cars as I could before the po-po could catch me, only so that I could experience the sheer joy of arranging them into colours in one big parking lot. Eventually, while I was protecting my epic achievement from the cops with a flamethrower, a car caught fire & then the whole parking lot blew up along with a Hare Krishna drum circle, gaining me enough points to move to level 2.

While leopard print will always be my fave colour, I am often drawn to different colours at different times. I am a believer in knowing what colour we need to surround ourselves with & bringing that into our lives to heal, energize & soothe us.

If I can admit to being rly rly good at something (besides GTA), this would be it; I have always been good at knowing what my body needs. I am one of those weirdos in the middle of the grocery store with my eyes closed asking my body if its goji berries that will make it feel better. Sure enough, it is, & a handful of those magical little berries fix me almost instantaneously. Maybe this is a placebo effect because I trust in my own prescription so much. Either way, if it works & it’s not poison (like all pharmaceutical drugs) who cares right? Yep, I’m also one of those ones that believe nature has a solution for every ill & would rather suffer through a few headaches & fevers here & there to allow my body to figure out how to fight for itself than go to the drug rep, oops I mean doctor, or pop a pill. Please don’t get me started on big pharma while I’m premenstrual! I do realise how those last few sentences might lose me some readers & possibly ignite some anger. Of course, there are amazing doctors out there who actually talk to their patients about their diets & lifestyles & surgeons who put us back together when our bones break, etc. But as a 35-year-old mum, I have just had way too many bad experiences with doctors & their swift prescriptions & unnecessary immunisations & sorry, this shit makes me angry too! I’m also at an age where I know that not everyone in the world is gonna like me & what I say. I’m really fucking ok with that. The old me would have avoided writing around this time of my cycle because I start caring about shit so deeply & all of a sudden have #nofilter & the audacity to talk about what I believe in & what I fight for. The old me would have loathed this version of myself but the current me has realised how important it is to stand for something. Fuck it, I have found my voice. I’m #sorrynotsorry if you don’t like it. As a woman who grew up in a Christian school/church, I am so fucking sick of apologising.

If you are reading my words for the first time you might be conjuring up an image of me in your head. I probably have dreadlocks that frame my rainbow crochet bikinis & weed leaf necklace while I write from my local organic coffee shop overlooking a beautiful coastline. While the latter half of that sentence is spot on, I assure you I’m not your typical “hippie”. I’m currently wearing black trackies, a vintage tee, trainers & am sporting some kind of un-maintained bleached designer mullet. Fuck, I just described an Aussie bogan didn’t I! The point is, who fucking cares. I started this website & I have a platform to write, so goddammit, Imma write!

But this isn’t a post about pills or periods or being an Aussie bogan (those ones coming soon). This one’s about colour therapy. If this interests you at all, read on. If not feel free to join me again next week while I’m mid-period, I’ll have a lot to say 🙂

Colour is used in different ways by people & cultures all over the world because of the way we react to it as proven by science. For example, the corporate & real estate industries love blue, as do the Australian police force. This is because you should wear blue when you want to be viewed as trustworthy & cool. Fast food chains use bright colours to deter customers from staying for too long. Their $5 combo meal deals won’t pay the overheads unless they have rapid customer turnover. On the other hand, low volume more expensive establishments use softer colours to encourage their guests to stay & enjoy several courses & drinks.

For most people, the psychology of using colours to make money is readily accepted, yet when the words ‘colour’ & ‘therapy’ are used simultaneously & the probability that colours can also be used to heal, energize & soothe us, is often dismissed as hokey pokey bullshit. To me, this makes no sense at all. Colours either affect us or they don’t, chose one! Scientifically, colours have been proven to affect our moods & perception, & there is evidence of this form of therapy dating back to ancient Egypt, historic China & ages-old India. In fact, healing by means of colour & light was the first type of ‘therapy’ used by man. This being said read on to find out how you can use colour in your own life to benefit you daily.

Relates to the base chakra & is connected to our physical being & the act of doing. Red is motivation, passion & strength. Red helps to give us vitality, courage, inner strength, self-confidence & encourages us to achieve our goals. It gives us the power to pursue our dreams.

This chakra is connected to our emotional & feeling self. Orange qualities are joy, happiness & being sociable & can help with depression & releasing anxieties. Orange is friendly, warm-hearted & optimistic. Orange gives us the courage to face the consequences of our actions.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is connected to our mental and thinking self. Yellow qualities are optimism, intelligence & being mentally creative. Yellow helps with memory, mental fatigues, nervousness & clarity. Yellow focuses attention and acts promptly.

The heart chakra is connected to our loving self. Green is harmony, kindness, sensitivity, emotional balancing, love, understanding & growth. Use green to calm down & bring peace into our bodies. Green supports self-acceptance & helps us learn the lesson of love.

The throat chakra is connected to our expressive self. Some of the qualities of blue are honesty, politeness, creative self-expression & will, detailed planning & organisation. Blue helps with communication & aids in mental relaxation, giving you peace of mind. Use blue to soothe tired nerves.

The brow chakra is connected to our universal seeing self. Some of the qualities of indigo are wisdom, truth, seeking & intuition. Indigo is related to the pineal gland, inner vision & the imagination. It is used to heal the aura. It helps with increasing dream activity and with remembering dreams.

The crown chakra is connected to our knowing & spiritual self. Some of the qualities are inspiration, charisma, being able to see the beauty in life & purification of thoughts & feelings. Violet increases artistic & creative abilities. DaVinci & Einstein used violet energy for inspiration. It is also used to stimulate the endocrine system, lymphatic & central nervous system.

Photos by Tony Farfalla. See full series here.



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