Frequently asked questions

by: Ainsley Hutchence

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Production: Sticks and Stones / Photographer: Troy Freyee / Stylist: Ainsley Hutchence S&S / Stylist: Sebastien Fougere / Make-up Artist: Miranda Emblem

Frequently asked questions

4 months ago, Sebastien & I put a video on instagram encouraging followers to ask us anything & we would respond by insta video. We had no idea this many questions would come through so instead we decided to write it all down here. Sorry it took us so long! Thank you for all of the amazing & important questions! So much love to you!

@lilaisha_marie: What’s your favourite thing about each other?
Ainsley S&S: He’s good at all the things I’m bad at, like cooking & patience.
Sebastien S&S: She makes me laugh & smile all the time. Although i don’t smile a lot on the outside my heart is smiling so fucking hard when I’m next to her.

@adelinahristova: Do u guys fuck all the time?
Ainsley S&S: We are much better when we sex on the reg. So yes.
Sebastien S&S: Yeah mostly all the time. I can’t get enough of my wifey.

@Kaylatowle, @laetish, @neonklmvibes, @bxthcollins @bettyriverrun, @hellokiwibebe, @callieber, @madelinemjensen: How did you two meet/How did you find each other?
Ainsley S&S: I grew up in a small coastal town on the Sunshine Coast, QLD (Australia). One day during my regular visits to a local cafe I discovered they had hired a new hottie. As soon as he looked me in the eye I knew we were soul mates.
Sebastien S&S: At a coffee shop I was working at. Ains walked by with the shortest skirt I have ever seen & that was the end of me.

@cateily: Which one a u gon bang meh
Ainsley S&S: You’re super cute but I’m exclusively Sebastien’s bang.
Sebastien S&S: Haha. Yeah we only bang each other sorry.

@the_bradford: What 3 things would you take to a desert island?
Ainsley S&S: I would hope that Sebastien brought practical stuff to make fires & shit & I would bring a solar panel, my phone so I can play candy crush & maybe Facebook can track us, & sunnies coz I will look like shit in all the selfies we take.
Sebastien S&S: A glamping tent you know like luxury camping shit. A home fermenting kit to make alcohol to add to all the coconut there, and solar power of some kind to make a video diary and take selfies. Ains is with me already right?

@kel_viles: What’s your opinion on rim jobs.
Ainsley S&S: Wash yourself real good first.
Sebastien S&S: God’s secret gift to us! You have to earn it though. Put in the time.

@rustcrosby: How long have you been taking photos? Were you always drawn to the kind of odd obscure stuff you shoot now?
Ainsley S&S: I became addicted to photography when I joined instagram & was immediately drawn to photos that offered something a little different. Unique styling, a quirky pose, anything that made me feel something. I started out directing & styling shoots about 3 years ago because we needed new content & then eventually started taking my own pics last year when our friend gave us our first film camera.
Sebastien S&S: I personally have only started shooting at the end of last year but have been interested in taking photos for the last few years. I think because we’ve seen so many photoshoots that look the same we always want to add something different.

@theemanationsofamber: What are your favorite cameras?
Ainsley S&S: We use all different kinds of film cameras that we have found at thrift stores or been given, but I have no idea what they are. Sorry!
Sebastien S&S: One that has batteries & works! I really don’t know anything technical about cameras which is why I want to stick to shooting film.

@bea_amelia: Do you have a favourite tattoo on your body?
Ainsley S&S: My weird fucked up skull tattoo on my hand coz it matches Sebastien’s & when put together it becomes our first ever logo for our clothing brand (which we no longer do).
Sebastien S&S: I think the FU smiley on my left hand middle finger! It makes me happy every time I look down at it. I also really like the moon on my face.

@hillbillybarber: Which one of you is better at ‘rock, paper, scissors’
Ainsley S&S: I can’t recall a time when we have ever played rock, paper, scissors, so I will challenge him now (best of 3) & get back to you… We kept doing the same sign & then eventually Sebastien emerged victorious. He’s so happy rn coz I usually win everything 🙂
Sebastien S&S: Me

@fuckyaesco: How can I shoot for you guys?
Ainsley S&S: You can shoot for us anytime. Submit them to [email protected]
Sebastien S&S: The beauty of our online magazine is that anyone in the world can shoot for us! Just send us a kick ass photoshoot that you have taken & if we love it we put it up.

@so_hail_a: Why is the man so hot ? I can’t handle it.
Ainsley S&S: My daily struggle.
Sebastien S&S: Am I the man? Haha. I spend my days fighting against the man. Thank you i’m flattered for a 38 year old dad.

@sma5hl33: Not a q, but can’t wait till you two have miniature ppl.
Ainsley S&S: I already have a 9 yr old with my ex & Sebastien has 2 teenagers with his, so we wont be making any more people. But thank you!
Sebastien S&S: No more kids thank you. We have three perfect kids & my balls got snipped! Even if they didn’t we have too much left to do in this life! No way we would start over now!

@sierra.1000: Best life advice?
Ainsley S&S: Something my dad always said “Shoulda, coulda, woulda”. Don’t live in hindsight & don’t dwell on shit. Also if you give your man a BJ in the morning he will do anything you ask for the rest of the day… My dad didn’t teach me that one tho.
Sebastien S&S: Do the opposite of what the majority tells you & be fully yourself for the rest of your life!

@alannanoelle: What are all of the tattoos each of you have?
Ainsley S&S: We have a lot between us… They are mostly just fucked & whatever.
Sebastien S&S: A lot of the first ones are inspired by each other. We used to save up all our money & go on monthly tattoo dates! I’ve got Ainsley tattooed over my heart.

@itsjengs: Guys! Your hair? What kind of condition yo? Mine almost fell the Fuck out after being pink once.
Ainsley S&S: I am super blessed with thick, strong Samoan hair. Its the one Samoan trait I got from my dad. Plus we have a very good hairdresser who knows how to bleach well.
Sebastien S&S: Man basically you have to pay big dollars to get it done right! It’s worth it tho. You get what you pay for.

@ashtraygirl___: How do you guys become so cool?
Ainsley S&S: We have no idea how to be cool & can’t be fucked trying. We just do our own thing & stay away from the wanker bull shit. We live in a small coastal town & are so far removed from the “scene”.
Sebastien S&S: I don’t think I’m cool really. I think when you learn to be comfortable with yourself & stop giving a fuck about what other people think then magic happens! It’s like this energy that propels you forward into who you are supposed to be!

@antonia__may: What’s your advice for a gal that’s fallen for a bad boy?
Ainsley S&S: Depends what you mean by bad. If he treats you bad fuck him off.
Sebastien S&S: Fuck the bad boys! You need a nice boy that looks like a bad boy! You get the best of both worlds!

@dlae: What is a Sebastien and how do I become one?
Ainsley S&S: A Sebastien is a free soul, not restricted by other peoples expectations, ideas & values. Sebastien is Sebastien & there will only ever be one.
Sebastien S&S: Well after 38 years of being one, I am still evolving & changing. I think a Sebastien is an ever changing energy & constantly open to evolving for the sake of creative inspiration.

@ashtraygirl___: What inspired you guys to be weird together?
Ainsley S&S: We have just never let what other people think mean more to us than what we think. I guess this makes us free to be weirdos together.
Sebastien S&S: I think we were weird on the inside before we met & brought the weirdness out in each other. I think it’s getting worse as we get older together.

@mommywantsacigarette: How do you know when a marriage has run its course
Ainsley S&S: When you have to convince yourself to stay. Marriage or any loving relationship shouldn’t be that hard.
Sebastien S&S: I think when you both make each other so unhappy for a long time. When you are moving in different directions that hurt each other.

@jaqqulinelawrieIs: Your job good paying
Ainsley S&S: For now, sometimes yes, sometimes no. You can always get more money but you can never make more time. We would rather spend time in a job we love & reap rewards later than be making good money now while building someone else’s dream.
Sebastien S&S: It will be! The reality is that we have spent so much of our own money doing the shit we do. When you do what you love you have to be willing to do it for no money, which is why I still make coffee on the side. There is no shame in having a side job to follow your dreams!

@mamahotdog: When are you coming to Nashville, cause you should. And you can stay in my teepee when you do.
Ainsley S&S: Sounds fucking delightful. Will put it on the list of shit to do. Thank you!
Sebastien S&S: That would be awesome!! Can we go visit Jack White’s family commune?

@jordanutley: Unfollow
Ainsley S&S: See ya.
Sebastien S&S: Oh my god that is all I seriously want to happen! If you don’t fucking like it, unfollow. You did it!

@tessalewis_: Would you rather fingers for legs ? Or legs for fingers? P.s you guys come into my food works and you guys are amazing.
Ainsley S&S: Oh fuck! What food works? Next time I’ll take a shower! I would say fingers for legs so I could still do shit with my hands.
Sebastien S&S: Finger legs for sure! Then I could just tickle my own balls all day long! I love that food works!

@sarahlikesprettygirls: Can you check my work please? You will Love it.
Ainsley S&S: k. Yes, great photos!
Sebastien S&S: We all like pretty girls! But I really like my pretty wifey the best.

@mayberry_c: What’s wrong with you lmfaooooo funny af.
Ainsley S&S: So much.
Sebastien S&S: I don’t know what this means. I don’t know.

@angus.lamb: Do you think anything can be art? (Within reason)
Ainsley S&S: I think anyone can say anything is art, but good art makes you feel things.
Sebastien S&S: Yeah I guess so. If art is in the eye of the beholder then if someone thinks it’s art then it is to them. True art makes you feel something. Like anger, love, or just being offended. Art should have layers & meaning in my opinion. A lot of people make art for arts sake & not with any substance. Make shit that will fuck people up in a good way!

@nicole_rosenfield: Where do you get your hair done?
Ainsley S&S: Assembly Hair, Sunshine Coast, QLD.
Sebastien S&S: My friend Roddy at @ownthecomb does my hair now because we can have beers & have a man date at the same time.

@talh_klicker: What can you catch, but can’t throw?
Ainsley S&S: STD’s.
Sebastien S&S: A cold

@jessicgrace: If you could bring any style of clothing back into fashion what would it be and why?
Ainsley S&S: Adam & Eve’s untainted nakedness, coz its 34 degrees (celsius) here rn.
Sebastien S&S: Well i had a vision of becoming an Ecuadorian cowboy that listens to reggae, so that.

@itsjengs: Yeah. You guys love being weird aliens – fuvking bath in spaghetti
Ainsley S&S: Haven’t done that yet. Probs won’t coz Sebastien’s spaghetti is spicy & it will tingle my vag.
Sebastien S&S: Yeah it’s the best way to live! Bring on the spaghetti! But gluten free & vegetarian for us.

@gabystabby_: What do you think of the second before the shutter clicks?
Ainsley S&S: I hope I put film in.
Sebastien S&S: Is this going to look any good?

@lachlanmcguffie: Wanna come see us play with delta Riggs at the sol bar tomorrow?
Ainsley S&S: Yes, but I only just read this & you said that 4 months ago. So no.
Sebastien S&S: Yeah shit next time DM us earlier so we can get babysitting!

@nativebeenick: Will an open relationship destroy a marriage?
Ainsley S&S: It would destroy ours. But every relationship is different so maybe not always.
Sebastien S&S: Ours for sure. Some people seem to be able make it work. I guess I would question the quality of their relationship. I think it is ultimately doomed for failure. I think it’s an unrealistic fantasy. You don’t really see elderly three way relationships for a reason.

@b_renskiRu: you into threesomes
Ainsley S&S: Never tried one so I don’t know. But I don’t think Sebastien & I would go there.
Sebastien S&S: Haven’t had one. I think it’s every teenage boys fantasy but can’t work in a relationship in my opinion.

@softgang.villa: Can you send me money so I can watch a movie with my friends, feel free to watch with us 🙂 not going to force you into it though I just want to be able to buy popcorn 🙂
Ainsley S&S: Can you ask your momma to give you money & also send us money so we can go to the movies this week too plz?
Sebastien S&S: Haha we need money for the movies too!

@s7n43: Who’s your favourite photographer?
Ainsley S&S: Too hard. But the photographer I have loved the longest is Ellen Von Unwerth.
Sebastien S&S: Moni Belle from Johnny’s bird. I love how she tells a story & captures people in their raw states.

@yokock: Why do you always wear jackets/long sleeves?
Ainsley S&S: Not always… But probably mostly always when I am getting a photo coz I broke my elbow when I was 8 & it does weird shit in photos sometimes.
Sebastien S&S: I wish I could, but it’s too fucking hot here in QLD (Australia).

@dakotawoods: What’s your favourite conspiracy theories?
Ainsley S&S: All of them. Chemtrails are real!
Sebastien S&S: How two albino women aliens raped that one guy & he had a problem with it.

@dakotawoods: Would you rather pubes for teeth or teeth for pubes?
Ainsley S&S: Teeth for pubes & then I would pull them all out just like pubes.
Sebastien S&S: Teeth for pubes for sure. Then you could nibble the vag while fucking.

@pheasantplucka: Hook me up with girls to bang.
Ainsley S&S: Are you creepy tho?
Sebastien S&S: Isn’t that what tinder is for? Just do that.

@luigisee: If you could have a threesome with someone famous who would it be? Dead or alive…
Ainsley S&S: Why does everyone want us to have a threesome?
Sebastien S&S: Mary, because then I would be God and Jesus would be my son!

@dakotawoods: Would you rather know the date of your death or the way that you’re going to die.
Ainsley S&S: I would hate to know the date. So I guess I would prefer to know how. Maybe I could prevent it from happening.
Sebastien S&S: The way I will die so I can delay it. Like do lots of coffee enema’s & become a raw vegan & live longer.

@pierrepastel: What does love feel like?
Ainsley S&S: I don’t care bout much else.
Sebastien S&S: You can’t put it into words. You have to feel it. I think snuggling Ains is the best.

@lindseyyg: Why did you guys decide to get married in Vegas?
Ainsley S&S: We have both been married before (to other people) & couldn’t be fucked having a propper wedding again. So ordered an Elvis ceremony over the internet for $200 & flew to LA/Vegas for a couple weeks. Spent money on a holiday instead of a room of hungry/thirsty guests.
Sebastien S&S: Because shit got so complicated with all of our family & kids. We also realised that a married is really only about the two getting married. So we thought of something random to do & had a holiday.

@aprils_place: Which of Sebastien’s tattoos is your fave? And feel free to show us.
Ainsley S&S: His ‘Ainsley’ tatt on top of his left nipple that he got 3 months after we met.

@eleuthero.bca: How do I launch my clothing line, I keep buyers happy and also keep myself at least lil wealthy?
Ainsley S&S: You just have to start. The rest will just happen how it’s meant to/not meant to.
Sebastien S&S: You need to find a point of difference & then make people believe in what you are doing.

@nicehappened: Would you rather fight a 100 duck sized horses or a single horse sized duck?
Ainsley S&S: I would love to see a duck size horse. so that one.
Sebastien S&S: 100 duck sized horses for sure. Normal sized ducks when mad are crazy scary motherfuckers! I would put on some chaps & get the biggest whip i could find & break those little duck sized horses. I would make so much money selling horse rides to babies.

@kel_viles: Would u rather do anal indoor or outdoors.
Ainsley S&S: Indoors. Have to be comfortable!
Sebastien S&S: Everywhere!

@jamesconcannonart: Do you want to kidnap me?
Ainsley S&S: Yes. You can be our 4th child.
Sebastien S&S: Yeah, but you can’t take boner selfies in front of mommy.

@mariahthegoat: Where’s your favourite place to go/visit?
Ainsley S&S: LA, NY, Byron Bay, tropical islands.
Sebastien S&S: LA & NY. I want to take Ains to Montreal where I was born.

@ashtraygirl___: What do you guys work as?
Ainsley S&S: Stylists, art directors, photographers, bloggers, artists, curators, whatever we feel like doing.
Sebastien S&S: My official job title at sticks & stones is housewife, so that, & I love to draw, paint, write & watch music videos.

@sydtraffic: Where is Molly?
Ainsley S&S: I don’t do drugs. (Disclaimer: Marijuana is not a drug).
Sebastien S&S: I don’t know Molly. I don’t know.

@jamie_b_makeup: Would love to work with you?
Ainsley S&S: But you are in Toronto. We are in Australia. DM me if you cum to QLD anytime soon.
Sebastien S&S: OK

@itsjengsI: Do you guys do a lot of cocaine (sometimes)?
Ainsley S&S: Never.
Sebastien S&S: Not really.

@dumbbblond: Are you happy?
Ainsley S&S: Yes, except for PMS & full moons.
Sebastien S&S: Most of the time! When I get angry & want to give up , I remember that I do what I love to do. That I live & work with my best friend & lover.

@dumbbblond: How are you?
Ainsley S&S: A little hungry, a little hot, but mostly good.
Sebastien S&S: Wonderful thanks for asking! Most people forget to ask each other that.

@aaronpursell: Should I come visit Oz?
Ainsley S&S: Yes. Go straight to North NSW.
Sebastien S&S: Yup. It is an amazing country. Beaches go forever like really because it’s an island & you could keep walking in circles for ever and die happy.

@dumbbblond: How was your day today?
Ainsley S&S: Fucking great thnx (once we got our wifi working again).
Sebastien S&S: Great day! I love Monday’s the most because I am home working with Ains.

@dumbbblond: Do you have any funny stories about farts?
Ainsley S&S: I have a funny one about sharts, but I wouldn’t be a good friend if I told it.
Sebastien S&S: Yeah but it’s embarrassing. On our wedding photo shoot when we were on top of the parking lot roof top drinking beers & smoking cigars I pulled down my pants to make it look like I had peed the longest pee ever & a cute fart snuck out in front of two girls & Ains.

@sushisenshi: Can we have a 3some already??
Ainsley S&S: We don’t do threesomes at this stage in our relationship. Check back later.
Sebastien S&S: No sorry, because we might start a cult.

@zeazy: How do I get insta famoose?
Ainsley S&S: Be original & get reposted.
Sebastien S&S: Think of something that hasn’t been done & get people with lot’s of followers to repost your amazing original idea.

@spookyboiiIs: Sebastien from another country?
Ainsley S&S: Yep. Canada.
Sebastien S&S: Canada

@molly.breen, @itsxxavera, @elijah_ransom: How can I work with you guys/do you need assistance?
Ainsley S&S: Check back with us later. We can’t take anyone on rn.
Sebastien S&S: Yeah but we can’t pay many employees yet. One day we will have an empire of amazing people all working together. My Norwegian cousin lives in Perth, can I crash with you guys for a couple nights on my way there from LA? We’ll go do some weird shit and take some good photos.. Promise
Ainsley S&S: Depends what days you need to stay coz we have a packed house until the kids go to their other parents.
Sebastien S&S: No room in the inn. But we could meet up!

@cezrnino: Won’t you drive my car?#beepbeepbeepbeepyeah for real tho, why are you two so fuckin cool?
Ainsley S&S: Depends what car. I can only drive auto’s.
Sebastien S&S: ok

@justturnaroundnow: How would you bring your unique style into formal attire? Are you interested in “getting fancy”? What if you took a photo all dressed up, but still with the twist of your style.
Ainsley S&S: I think the future Ains & Sebastien will definitely wear more fancy pieces more regularly. Of course they would be mixed in with super old stained & ripped shit.
Sebastien S&S: Yeah it’s actually a future dream of mine. I love suits & mixing high end shit with vintage.

@kaj_sevorg: How did your current life style start out and how can people follow in your footsteps?
Ainsley S&S: We met & then just started creating shit together. It all just kind of happened.
Sebastien S&S: Free yourself from the worlds expectation on you. Do the opposite of the American dream or western dream. Reduce your bills & keep yourself as free as possible to do what you really want to do. Never give up on it.

@whitleymykaela: How did you get such happiness in your lives?!
Ainsley S&S: Be good to people, including yourself.
Sebastien S&S: You have to attract it & make yourself happy first. Just like when a plane is crashing, you put the oxygen mask on yourself first so you can then help others.

@kategrabham: What should I have for dinner?
Ainsley S&S: Beets, halloumi, pine nuts & rocket.
Sebastien S&S: A rim job. Or really nice sushi.

@_mariemusic_: When do u answer the questions?
Ainsley S&S: Now
Sebastien S&S: 4 months later.

@vvnsueIs: @ulacoco your daughter?
Ainsley S&S: Yes. She’s my daughter. Sebastien’s step-daughter.
Sebastien S&S: Step daughter. Daughter though.

@slipitin42069: Do either of you licky bum bum?
Ainsley S&S: One of us does.
Sebastien S&S: One of us does! Me

@tracienicole28: Where are you from and where do you live now?
Ainsley S&S: Sunshine Coast & Sunshine Coast.
Sebastien S&S: Montreal Canada & Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia!

@mems_journal: How do you stay creative?
Ainsley S&S: keep creating.
Sebastien S&S: Try shit. Action. Most people talk about all the shit they want to do. Do it. Don’t stop yourself because you don’t have all the right tools!

@mems_journal: What is art for you?
Ainsley S&S: Sebastien.
Sebastien S&S: Jean Michel Basquiat.

@almog_nagad, @graw30: Do u search for models/How do you find models?
Ainsley S&S: We usually just shoot our homies or wait for someone awesome to come to our hometown & reach out.
Sebastien S&S: Sometimes I see girls & guys on the street. I’m not scared to ask if they want to model.

@blackcherrrrrrry: What’s the best and worst place you’ve had sex with someone?
Ainsley S&S: Worst: Beach car park when I was 21. Best: In my bed every night with my husband.
Sebastien S&S: Worst: In a car & woke up with my dick bleeding. Best: With Ains after smoking the herb.

@danielle_nikita: Where’s the best place to visit in USA.
Ainsley S&S: Derek’s house.
Sebastien S&S: Every Mexican restaurant, because they give you free freshly baked tortilla chips before you order.

@mr.lurch_dr.sean: How and why did life get so complicated and difficult to deal with?
Ainsley S&S: Greed. Religion.
Sebastien S&S: When people forgot that we are all brothers & sisters sharing one planet. We are on the same fucking team!

@stuartpay: And then what?
Ainsley S&S: Snuggle.
Sebastien S&S: Maybe a BJ if I have checked off the list.

@jlipps: Can I wear your wedding dress!?
Ainsley S&S: Yes you can wear it but it’s been customised since the wedding. Send me your postal addy via DM.
Sebastien S&S: I wish I had a wedding dress.

@dylannbzh: C’était quand votre dernière douche?
Ainsley S&S: Sebastien knows french… Is this french bb?
Sebastien S&S: Yeah ok. It says “When did you last shower?”. I keep my shit clean.

@mrsup1: What is the best/worst part about being a blended family? Do ur kids travel with u ever?
Ainsley S&S: Best: sharing the kids, worst: sharing the kids.
Sebastien S&S: Best: Every day is different! Sometimes we have all kids, one kid & no kids. It’s the best of both worlds. Worst: Not seeing them for a week

@dylannbzh: Et : La passion dure elle 3 ans, si oui, tu fout quoi les 77 ans qui restent? Si non, c’est quoi la recette?
Ainsley S&S: This french bb?
Sebastien S&S: Love lasts more than 3 years! We are almost 8 years deep & I love Ains more than ever. I feel like you need to grow with love. You change, your body changes, & life around you changes. It is possible to both grow together & be happy.

@Dylannbzh: @sebastienfougerec’est qu’en que je te mets une branlée à FIFA?
Ainsley S&S: Another one for you bb.
Sebastien S&S: Yeah I’ll play you FIFA 15. Say sorry about the shower comment first though. Haha.

@gdogocalisto: Cookies or donuts?
Ainsley S&S: Neither. Sugar is bad.
Sebastien S&S: Yeah I don’t each sweets. I can’t do it anymore. I have to maintain my sexy bod.

@abigailbeatrice90, @Jennieintheskyy: What’s the meaning of life?
Ainsley S&S: To love.
Sebastien S&S: A blow job a day will fix the whole world.

@tifinikamara: Are you open to collaborating in Detroit?
Ainsley S&S: Yes if someone flies us.
Sebastien S&S: Yeah. Detroit has a huge hub of creative energy. Lot’s of cool shit going down there.

@dora_lead: Why do you have your septum done? #girlnotboy
Ainsley S&S: Neither of us do.
Sebastien S&S: I don’t but I might but I might not.

@aaaishak: What does it take to be a model?
Ainsley S&S: A photographer who wants to shoot you.
Sebastien S&S: Make love to the camera. For real! Communicate something past the lense.

@kevinloyo: What do you think about of Venezuela?
Ainsley S&S: Never been. Sounds awesome.
Sebastien S&S: Sounds so beautiful! I want to go!

@sophiart_ok: Why don’t you post my photo you love!??? Haha
Ainsley S&S: I think I did after reading this 🙂
Sebastien S&S: ok.

@mvm_images: How can I be friends with models?
Ainsley S&S: Buy a camera & tell them you are a photographer.
Sebastien S&S: Start a modelling agency, but really they are all auditioning to be your girlfriend. Then write a best seller about your story.

@yousonofapunk: What do you guys do for a living? (Cause being able to buy sick clothes n travel is expensive).
Ainsley S&S: Yeah tots. We run this website mostly & offer advertising. We also work with awesome brands on shoots, look books, etc.
Sebastien S&S: Create content. Make art. Make coffee.

@momsspaghettiandbeefthewhippet: Children or dogs?
Ainsley S&S: Children (our kids only) & cats.
Sebastien S&S: Kids & cat. I want a teacup pug one day in the future.

@rikki.nesbitt: What was life like before ‘sticks n stones’ ?
Ainsley S&S: We had a clothing label called ‘Till death do us part’. It mostly sucked.
Sebastien S&S: Empty. JK. Just searching for meaning.

@sluff.master: What is the meaning of life to you? share an experience that morphed you into who you are today?
Ainsley S&S: Three experiences that changed my life in a big way; becoming a mum, my dad’s death, meeting Sebastien. The meaning of life is to love.
Sebastien S&S: Being married as a Christian virgin boy at 20 & getting divorced at 30. Working as a social working on & off for 8 years. Finding Ains & following my dreams.

@lindseyfernweh, @abdi_el_: Do y’all ever offer internships?
Ainsley S&S: Yes. We have an awesome intern now. Shouts out Troy.
Sebastien S&S: Yeah but it has never worked until Troy. In the future there will be more opportunities.

@littlelourdes93: I want to be your model.
Ainsley S&S: DM me when you come to the Sunshine Coast.
Sebastien S&S: ok

@aleksalosa, @brokenswallow: What inspires you?
Ainsley S&S: Good comedians, good food, good atmospheres, good music, good movies, good books, good blogs, good tv shows, Sebastien, the beach.
Sebastien S&S: Joie De Vie! Enjoying life. When you live in the present moment then you are really open to inspiration.

@teevella: Would you rather a finger on your knee cap or a toe on you elbow ?
Ainsley S&S: Toe on my elbow coz it’s already a little fucked after I broke it in year 8.
Sebastien S&S: Finger on my kneecap because I could always just wear really tight jeans.

@alxdoeshair: How do you acquire all of your contacts?
Ainsley S&S: We met people on our path to turning what we love doing into our job.
Sebastien S&S: Over time.

@hotmessbess: The Persian cat in a lot of your pictures, Is it yours?
Ainsley S&S: Yes, his name is bear. He’s a ragdoll.
Sebastien S&S: Bear!

@stevenstone: Do you miss us? Do you think of us often on cold, lonely nights and wonder “what if…? What if we’d have stayed and let Ashlyn and Steven adopt us and keep us as pets..?”
Ainsley S&S: All the time.
Sebastien S&S: Yup. I dream of this every night!

@hellahotroots: Can I please do your hair?
Ainsley S&S: DM me when yo come to the Sunshine Coast.
Sebastien S&S: ok

@briematias: Come to Argentina and take me some pictures?
Ainsley S&S: Fly us out there?
Sebastien S&S: What Ain said!

@emelienealys: How’d you decide to start a business… Or, er, what was the first step you took in starting it?
Ainsley S&S: Within days of living together/meeting each other, we decided we wanted to start a clothing label which both of us had dabbled in separately. We just started sewing & asked cool stores if they would sell our shit.
Sebastien S&S: We just started. We did it all wrong but we started. Eventually you will make sense of it all if you are open to change.

@kasidybelle: How do you decide who’s pictures to post?
Ainsley S&S: If I love it, I will post it. Also they should use our hashtag #PostMyPicSticks or submit a full series of photos for the website/insta to: [email protected]
Sebastien S&S: Ains does all of our posting. I just take a lot of selfies.

@igorjagic: What is older, egg or chicken?
Ainsley S&S: A dinosaur grew wings & then laid an egg. So egg.
Sebastien S&S: God’s dick is the oldest.

@illest_elias_: Why didn’t I die instead of @sophiacardinale
Ainsley S&S: It wasn’t your time.
Sebastien S&S: Your story has more to it.

@bubbek: Are there times you feel freaky?
Ainsley S&S: Most of the time.
Sebastien S&S: When I look around at everyone else in the grocery store.

@amyyleestone: Why do you never post photos of thick women?
Ainsley S&S: We do. It’s just we get less photos of thick women sent to us. Feel free to send some our way.
Sebastien S&S: We do & want to more. We need photographers to shoot more shapes, sizes & colours!

@jaimie.shubin: What’s your diet and when is the next Shitty Cooking Show episode coming out?
Ainsley S&S: Mostly vegetarian. Fish sometimes. Organic most of the time. No sugar. Alcohol & weed on weekends. The next show we do is a shitty sex ed show… coming soon. Cooking show might come back later.
Sebastien S&S: Mostly vegetarians. We try to eat mostly organic. I need Vice to call me so we can take the cooking show to the next level!

@jaandi_09: Complete nude. We want.
Ainsley S&S:
Sebastien S&S: really most of the internet. I think we need less really.

@maxlevel89: What do you think about Hugh Hefner after Playboy announced the magazine changing it’s format towards more covered mannequins presentations?
Ainsley S&S: Most people aren’t buying magazines to see nude women anymore. Nudity & porn can be accessed in seconds for free. A lot of public retailers wont sell mags with nudity in them, so it kind of makes sense from a business standpoint.
Sebastien S&S: Smart move. Hugh is a dick though.



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