Fuck your beauty standards

Jeana Turner

by: Ainsley Hutchence

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Interviewee: Jeana Turner / Interviewer: Sticks and Stones / Model: Jeana Turner / Photographer: Grant Spanier

Fuck your beauty standards

Sticks & Stones has always & will always be a platform for the beautifully bizarre. An interplanetary home for the perfectly imperfect faces, bodies & creatives stumbling round their industries, feeling out of place, & figuring it all out as they go along. Its pages are filled with realness provided by critical thinkers who have the courage to stay true to who they are & what they believe in – the real “influencers” of the world… the ones who influence the “influencers”. There is nothing more attractive than a human who isn’t afraid of being human. Sticks & Stones is a big “Fuck you!” to all the beauty & fashion brands that way too often subscribe to, uphold & enforce a rigid & uncompromising standard of beauty & perfection. Thanks to social media, things are rapidly changing. Fashion & beauty is now a democracy & we (the public) decide what’s hot & what’s not. Let’s continue to get behind realness, uniqueness, originality, imagination, innovation, creativity, personality… & celebrate true beauty inside & out! Today it is with such pleasure that I introduce a new segment to this site entitled “Fuck your beauty standards” that is intended to do just that.

Many of you probably have already fallen in love with this beauty. Her name is Jeana Turner & since I first discovered her I have been enamoured by her look, along with a huge American audience while she dominated on America’s next top model. Jeana suffers from alopecia, which means since the age of 12 she has not been able to grow hair on her head. While she wasn’t always comfortable in her own skin, Jeana is now a beautiful example of someone that has overcome bullying, criticism & self-doubt to be who she is now; a total fucking babe, inspiration & role model to a massive & growing following.

Sticks & Stones: What is your favorite feature?
Jeana Turner: on others: eyes, on myself: the shape of my skull.

Sticks & Stones: What is a common reaction to the way you look?
Jeana Turner: The first thing people ask is where I’m from, usually when I tell them the US they are highly disappointed as if they expected a different answer. That’s a simple answer! That’s why I don’t initially explain it’s Filipino, African American, Native, Cuban, Japanese, German, Swedish, Norwegian & Creole… it can be a tad overwhelming & shocking. It’s my party trick. Haha

Sticks & Stones: What was school like for you?
Jeana Turner: Miserable. I made the most of it for what it was and excelled where I could but there wasn’t much for inclusion for me. I didn’t look anything like the kids I grew up around, my upbringing also shaped my mentality much different than most kids. I grew up super fast & never felt like a child or had childish moments so it was really hard for me to bond with my peers. I immersed myself in my school work and dancing for sanity.

Sticks & Stones: Was there a point in your life that you were like “fuck it” or have you always felt confident in the way you look?
Jeana Turner: I haven’t always felt confident. There are still moments to this day where I struggle to feel my best. We all have those shitty days where everything feels useless. This happens often especially being a creative. But my “fuck it” moment came when I realized the one thing holding me back in every way was my alopecia (if I let it). And I did. It defeated me mentally and financially for 14 years. Trying to hide something cosmetically that is an inevitable situation is so consuming.
I also had this weird life struggle of being mistaken for a boy… but suddenly being androgynous, nonbinary & nongender conformity is “cool”. So naturally, that became easier to accept. It all goes hand in hand.

Sticks & Stones: What makes you happy? What makes you mad?
Jeana Turner: Fuzzy & soft shit makes me happy- like uber happy! Animals, carpets, velvet. Candy too! LA drivers, automatic toilets that spray your ass when they flush, drunk people, stupid people, people waking me early af. If I didn’t wake up by choice, don’t touch me. I’m tiny but I will freak out on you in the morning, bite your head off & then struggle to apologize to you later for the freakout.

Sticks & Stones: What/who inspires you?
Jeana Turner: Im inspired by timeless fashion. My look is super not that, but I love finding ways of incorporating classic looks to something that is considered so modern. Textiles, textures, pantones.. all the good stuff. I’m a model, but I was an artist first. So much of my inspiration stem from the knowledge I have of ART itself. I’m an aesthetician at heart.

As far as who: my mother & my upbringing inspire everything I do. I have an entire childhood to reference to for how I can positively impact my life & others who’ve had the same struggles.

Sticks & Stones: Any good advice for those people who aren’t as confident in their own skin?
Jeana Turner: Honestly, fuuuuuck what everyone else thinks. You’re gonna have “off-days”, I’m not going to sugarcoat & say ignoring opinions of other will solve your life problems, but you’ll learn ways to see through the shitty things people say and realize it’s likely their intention isn’t to hurt YOU. They’re hurt & it’s simply deflection because they’ve never processed their anger properly. You have to know who you are inside, other people don’t validate you. You’re already validated, you can’t be anyone but yourself- so live.

Sticks & Stones: What is the next project you will be working on?
Jeana Turner: Most everything I’m working on at the moment is a secret! So hard to keep these secrets, but there so super cool stuff in the works.

Sticks & Stones: Can you tell us 5 things you fuck with right now.
Jeana Turner: @diet_prada, visual shit (movies/fashion films), buffalo flavored anything, Dr. Pimple Popper, beauty products.



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