It’s time to free the bush

Recently I was introduced to Sofia Gray who host a blog on all things sex, kinks & fetishes & who also happen to be the largest used underwear marketplace in the world. Yep, if you are looking to buy or sell used underwear, this is your space! For me, since I am a big believer in soaking up as much information about as many topics as possible, especially the shit no one talks about, my addiction to their platform came via their blog, which aims to talk about the “taboo”, transparently. “We want to try & normalise kinks & fetishes, as modern media has a way of making sex seem gross & crude. We want our readers to know that consensual sex is empowering, no matter what form it takes.”

If you’ve been following Sticks & Stones for a while now you probably know our Instagram was deleted after we posted a photo of two sisters wearing high cut swimwear with pubes spilling out the sides. Since it is so incredibly sexist to declare that women are not allowed to wear swimmers on Instagram unless they wax or shave, media platforms from all over the world wrote about it & within a few weeks, Instagram apologised & reinstated our account 🙂 Meantime this website was breaking every day from too much traffic & our Instagram following doubled within a week of getting it back. More on that here.

Since public hair is a big part of our rich history here at Sticks & Stones, this article from Sofia Gray seemed particularly relevant. One I thought you would enjoy. Read full article on Sofia Gray Blog.

It’s Time to Free “The Bush”

People have super strong opinions on pubic hair.

Particularly, there’s a lot of judgement against people who choose to go au naturale and grow what our culture has lovingly called “a bush.”

But not everyone finds pubes disgusting. There are plenty of people who wear their long downstairs hairstyles loud and proud. And there are people who are more than willing to spend time with them…stroke them, smell them, lick them…. And there’s a name for that.

What is pubephilia?

Being into pubes is actually its own fetish. It’s called pubephilia, and it’s—you guessed it—getting turned on by seeing or thinking of pubic hair.

It’s a type of hair fetishism, also called trichophilia. This fetish can involve all types of hair, including head hair, armpit hair, chest hair, or even fur. People can have a preference for color, texture, and hair length, too.

There’s a good scientific reason that people might like pubic hair. We’re sure you’ve noticed that the hair under the armpits and around the genitals is thicker. This is probably because this hair releases pheromones, which are chemicals that make humans want to get it on.

Some people notice the smell of pheromones consciously, while others might be influenced by them but not know it. Pheromones are part of the reason that many men enjoy buying used underwear, too.

Despite involving something natural that grows on humans every single day, there’s a stigma about liking pubes or even just having them at all. Our society sees pubes as super gross, and there are many people who will stop at nothing to get rid of them.

When did our society start hating long pubic hair? When did being completely hairless become the norm?

The ancient history of pubic hair… CONT READING ON SOFIA GRAY BLOG

Photo credits; Billie campaign, Justin Markin for Sticks & Stones, Ahmad Smith for Sticks & Stones, Black crows album cover, Justin Markin for Sticks & Stones.



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