Shitty Interview No.13

This week we had the pleasure of shitty interviewing John Kilar, nomadic Californian photographer, specialising in Psychedelic, surreal, otherworldly weird shit. His photos take you to places you never thought you would go & after spending a couple hours on his site this morning I feel as though I have just returned from a psychedelic acid trip nudist camp & feel amazing for it; Relaxed, alive, comfortable in my own skin, inspired to one day get off the grid & just let everything hang out for a bit.

Based in LA, john also has a knack for capturing all the crazy things that go on there & his subjects include anyone interesting; models, freaks, actors, rappers, the homeless. Unsurprisingly John’s photos have regular spots on some of my favourite online platforms like Vice, The Cobra Snake & Purple Diary.

For now please see our Sticks & Stones Shitty Interview with john Kilar below & then go peep more of his work on his site here.

Sticks & Stones: You are in India & your tour bus pulls over for a toilet break, you run around the side of the building & poop or wait in line to shit in a stank squat toilet?
John Kilar: I dig a shit pit outside.

Sticks & Stones: What is the original meaning of bloody mary? don’t google it!
John Kilar: Virgin Mary losing her virginity

Sticks & Stones: Ok everyone in the world is dead but you & some scandinavian babes. You need a flag for your new country, please draw.
John Kilar: (Drawing of pink flag with rainbow over a smiley emoji & crossbones).

Sticks & Stones: If you could pick a mom and dad who would they be?
John Kilar: Frida Kahlo & Nikola Tesla

Sticks & Stones: Is it true that if you are hungry & go grocery shopping you end up buying a bunch of useless shit?
John Kilar: Fuck Grocery Shopping, go dumpster diving!

Sticks & Stones: Whats your favourite green leafy plant?
John Kilar: Cilantro!

Sticks and Stones: If you could invent a yoga position what would it be? Also it becomes world famous & you make a shit load of money from your future videos!
John Kilar: The auto fellatio

Sticks & Stones: Have you ever been busted doing the horizontal mambo?
John Kilar: Ya I actually got arrested this summer in portland for sneaking into a store & fucking, whoops!

Sticks & Stones: Mickey mouse & Donald duck turn out to be gay lovers, what does their sex sound like?
John Kilar: Beethoven’s 7th symphony movement 2 remixed by apex twin?




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