Shitty Interview No.14

Charlie Brophy

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 illustrated answers & photos
Interviewee: Charlie Brophy / Interviewer: Sticks & Stones

Shitty Interview No.14

Recently we fell in love with Charlie Brophy’s photos & this week we got to Shitty Interview her. Like most of her subjects Charlie is young & already so good at what she does! As well as shooting for big clients & magazines like New Balance & Oyster Mag, Charlie spends her time with a camera documenting her friends as they all grow up. Her expanding archive can be seen here but first please enjoy our Sticks & Stones Shitty Interview with Charlie Brothy.

Sticks & Stones: Favorite colour?
Charlie Brophy: Maroon gets me erry’time

Sticks & Stones: Pick a new job; School bus driver or work at a McDonalds drive thru window?
Charlie Brophy: Sounds pretty creepy & awesome to me. Tick

Sticks & Stones: How do you feel about Adam Sandler still making movies?
Charlie Brophy: Probs should have aborted mission after Happy Gilmore. But I still quote Billy Maddison on the reg.

Sticks & Stones: If you were writing this interview what question would you put in our pickle jar?
Charlie Brophy: What’s better than eating a mandarin? (eating amanda out derr).

Sticks & Stones: If your car could drive you to the moon would you go?
Charlie Brophy: Hell yeah, I’d drive to the moon & back any ol’ day to Live.

Sticks & Stones: What is the meaning of life?
Charlie Brophy: To Live

Sticks & Stones: If you could create a new animal what would it be?
Charlie Brophy: Hmm… I’d want a monkey & falcon (the enormous flying dragon from the never ending story to mate.)

Sticks & Stones: Staking pancakes or stacking dick?
Charlie Brophy: Hotcakes over rule any day

Sticks & Stones: What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?
Charlie Brophy: A kid sized puppet that i’d make talk a lot of shit. His name was Jimmy. Whatta legend.




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