Shitty Interview No.24

Tired Lion are a 4 piece indie rock band out of Perth Australia Fronted by Sophie Hopes with a voice that has been described as Silverchair angst meets Metric With a little bit of old school Gwen Stefani No Doubt thrown in. Sophie is backed by Matt Tanner, Ethan Darnell & Nick Vasey who play with passion, precision and a ‘take no prisoners’ approach. Its no wonder they have been dubbed one of Western Australia’s most exciting new acts.

“We’re all about the raw honesty in the music we make. If you sit back and take in the energy of what we are playing & what it’s all about, it’s a direct view into the looking glass that is collectively our lives – be it happy, sad or confusing. We’re passionate about bringing to people a fresh take on what is a nostalgic sound, keeping the guitars loud and trying to evoke some kind of feeling for the listener with dynamics and melody.”

Tired Lion will be touring extensively over the next few months, supporting Luca Brasi nationally, Kingswood in WA & a scattering of their own headline shows.

But for now please enjoy our Sticks & Stones shitty interview with Tired Lion.

Sticks & Stones: What’s the last album you downloaded?
Ethan TL: Pet Sounds Deluxe Edition by the Beach Boys.
Nick TL: Sonic Highways by Foo Fighters.
Matt TL: Hundred Year Storm by Hundred Year Storm.
Sophie TL: The Last Dawn by Mono.

Sticks & Stones: Everyone seems to be pissing in their own mouths here in Australia, would you ever do this? I think it’s actually good for you?
Tired Lion: (drawing of the corporations pissing in a stick mans mouth while another stick man watches & says “Yeah drink the Phiss!”

Sticks & Stones: Did Jesus die for your sins? List your last 3 sins in order of bad.
Sophie TL: Pre-marital sex.
Nick TL: Fuck Jesus.
Ethan TL: Self-erotic asphysiation (sic).
Matt TL: Being in this band…

Sticks & Stones: Beef or Tofu
Matt TL: Beef.
Sophie TL: Beef.
Ethan: TL Beef.
Nick: TL Bofu.

Sticks & Stones: If you were born an orange would you want someone to peel you, jam their finger in you, split you down the middle & jam you in their mouth or do you want to be juiced?
Matt TL: I’d like every drip of juice carefully squeezed out of me & into their mouth.
Nick TL: Cut into quarters for soccer practice.
Sophie TL: Jam their finger in me, cause I’m a girl I guess.
Ethan TL: Juice
Sticks & Stones: You are in a rap battle right now…what is your next line?
Tired Lion: Got phalanges up your girdle and i’ll take you down town (or anything Fred Durst would free style).

Sticks & Stones: You are in a rap battle right now, what’s your next line?
Got palanges up your girdle & it will take you down town.

Sticks & Stones:What hobby are you most likely going to pick up in your old age?
Nick TL: professional alcoholic/pinball machine extraordinaire.
Matt TL: Competitive super smash bro player, or teach people to compete.
Sophie TL: Herb Garden/Farm.
Ethan TL: Pickup Sticks.

Sticks & Stones: Have you ever been in a fist fight? Please describe what that looked like.
Tired Lion: Look at Sophie now, Matt punched her a few years back so it looks like that.

Sticks & Stones: Get Baked or Bake Cookies?
Tired Lion: Bake cookies “ We did it all for the nookie, so we can get that cookie” – Fred Durst, 2000

Sticks & Stones: What’s a good life tip you can bless us with?
Tired Lion: From our dad’s…
Matt’s Dad 1995: “Be yourself and do what’s right in life”.
Sophie’s Dad 2008: “If you go to jail it’s not the end of the world”. Ethan’s Dad 2014: Push thru the Pain”
Nick’s Dad 1975: “Bring clean jocks” Fred Durst 2003: “You’ll get knocked the fuck out”


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